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Installation Error "HelpLibAgent.exe has stopped working" When Installing or Uninstalling Intel Parallel Studio 2011

When installing or uninstalling Intel® Parallel Studio 2011 on a system with Microsoft* Visual Studio 2010*, you may see the error message "HelpLibAgent.exe has stopped working":


Select "Close the program" to continue.

This error does not prevent the installation or uninstallation of Intel Parallel Studio 2011. It is an issue from a 3rd party tool. It does no harm to your system.

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  • Using the Microsoft* debug heap manager with memory error analysis of Intel® Parallel Inspector

    Insight and recommendations to using memory error analysis of Intel Parallel Inspector with the Microsoft C Runtime’s debug heap manager, which by default enables dialogue boxes such as HEAP CORRUPTION DETECTED, and tracks memory usage.
  • Intel® Parallel Inspector
  • Intel Parallel Inspector Microsoft C runtime library debug heap manager corruption detected
  • n-bodies: a parallel TBB solution: parallel code: first run’s fatal flaw

    Last time when I resumed the exploration of my simple n-body gravitational simulator, I produced some performance numbers and revealed that there is a flaw in the first parallel version of the algorithm.  But then Intel® Parallel Composer Update 5 was released last week, so I updated my tools.  That means I need a new benchmark run to see how the baseline has been affected.

    Annoying error of Uninitialized Memory Access

    While analyzing a huge project with Intel® Parallel Inspector a user may get a lot of Uninitialized Memory Access errors which might considered as a false positives. In some cases these errors do not reflect the real problem in the might be annoying.
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  • Uninitialized Memory Access
  • Холодный Tachyon

    Чуть более месяца назад состоялся первый русскоязычный онлайн-семинар от Intel "Intel Parallel Studio workflow". На нем Кирилл Мавродиев продемонстрировал, как можно распараллелить приложение, рассматривая его как черный ящик. Другими словами была рассмотрена типичная ситуация, когда у разработчика имеется незнакомый ему код, которые необходимо модернизировать. Например, распараллелить.

    用Parallel Inspector检测出一个项目的内存错误

    最近在做项目开发中,使用了一个开源的代码框架,Debug编译的时候一切正常,但是在Release时候就挂了。找了老半天也没找出哪里错,因为一下就跳到系统DLL,然后就崩溃了,连call stack都看不到了,应该是堆栈被破坏了。根据经验判定可能是内存分配释放问题,因为Release版本可能暴露出一些Debug版本的内存使用问题。

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