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Seth Schneider


Using run_app --tracing on Ubuntu

Hey there,

I am really interested in checking out the new tracing output that can be opened in the Chrome trace viewer (I am also looking at Intel SEAP in that regard), but I am having troubles getting any data to look at. I am running Ubuntu 16.04.

I am trying to follow this guide:

Graphics Monitor Crashes Upon Opening of UE4 Game


I have found exactly same problem as this


  • UE4 4.17 _standard out the box first person shooter game_ Packaged game_this runs.
  • GPA 2017 R2
  • System_Windows PC 8.1 / 64 bit / i7 / NVIDIA Quadro K1100M (please check attached About Details File)

Steps taken

intel media-sdk hardware acceleration between kaby-lake and sky-lake

hello, I got a question that if I use same app encode same sample on kaby-lake and skylake laptop (both use integrated GPU), the skylake is faster than kabylake, I wonder if I should upgrade the media-sdk or there's some notice I should pay attention to, any reply will be highly appreciated, thks alot

Cannot connect System Analyzer to my device.

My device is Pixel XL. My device appeared in the System Analyzer dialog box, but when I clicked the connect button,  a error "Device error: setenforce:Couldn't set enforcing status to '0': Permission denied " occured, Is there any one can help?

I also tried on some other devices, the Graphics Performance Analyzer cannot be installed on them, it crashed when the GLES Info window appeared.

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