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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2017 R1 Released!

Hi All,

The Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers team is proud to announce Intel® GPA 2017 R1!

You can download Intel® GPA 2017 R1 for FREE from the GPA homepage.


Watch the full release video here!


What’s new?


  • DirectX 11.3 Support
  • DrawIndirect() call support for DX12
  • Intel® Graphics ISA now shown in the shaders tab for DX12
  • And much more…


Internal Intel users -- Please read this!


If you are an internal Intel user of the Intel GPA product, please do not post on this forum.

Instead, please use the Intel GPA Inside Blue Forum for any questions, issues, or discussion about the Intel GPA product.

If you are having trouble finding the Inside Blue Forum, feel free to message me and I can send you the link. 


Seth Schneider


Intel Core i7-7700K GPU Drivers Problem with CentOS 7

Hello All,

I am using CentOS 7.2.1511 (Gold Edition) for Intel Media SDK 2017 R2 to use the Intel QuickSync Technology for trans-coding video files,

I have install the Intel Media SDK with no problem and followed the steps in this documentation:

2x2 Texture

使用 Texture 2x2 覆盖模式以帮助识别由应用程序中使用的纹理图映像引起的潜在的性能瓶颈。场景的所有纹理将被替换为这些纹理的每个像素的四种不同的颜色。

如果使用此覆盖模式显著改善了帧速率 , 这可能意味着应用程序是纹理绑定。修复此问题的常用方法是 :

  • 缩小纹理的尺寸

  • 降低场景中使用的纹理数量 , 例如为一组对象使用一个纹理

  • 减少纹理过滤设置 , 特别是最大程度地减少各向异性过滤的使用

  • 减少在着色器中读取的纹理数

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