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Enclave Project Files

Enclave Project Files

The Intel® Software Guard Extensions wizard is used to create enclave projects. It creates several files with names derived from the project name.

Assuming the enclave project name is sample_enclave, here is the list of files generated by the wizard.

Source files:

Retrieve the Saved Token

Retrieve the Saved Token

If the launch token was saved in a previous transaction, it can be retrieved and used for subsequent enclave initializations. The launch token should be saved in a per-user directory or a registry entry in case it would be used in a multi-user environment.

For example, the token can be saved in either of the following locations:

Cryptographic Library

Cryptography Library

The Intel® Software Guard Extensions SDK includes a trusted cryptography library named sgx_tcrypto. It includes the cryptographic functions used by other trusted libraries included in the SDK, such as the sgx_tservice library. Thus, the functionality provided by this library is somewhat limited.

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