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Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 update 1 for Windows* - Issues updating via Intel Software Manager

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 update 1 is ready for download in Intel Registration Center. If you are attempting to download a Windows* version from Intel Software Manager, you may run into issues.

To see workarounds please refer to:


Where to download older intel license server application



As per the subject line, we are migrating our intel compiler license server to a new machine (running ubuntu 16.04) and need a new (or newish) version of the intel license server.  Support for our compilers expired (on 2/3/16).  As noted by others, the download link for the license server ( does not give the option of downloading previous (and supported) versions of the license server.

"Account verification incomplete" After >> 1 hour wait


I registered using a s/n for Parallel Studio Composer Fortran/C++ about two weeks ago.  When I click on the emailed link to complete my support account configuration I am still sent to a page saying:


Account verification incomplete

There is a delay for the final configuration of your support account. Please wait approximately 1 hour and click the same link in the email you received, to complete the configuration. 

Is there a way to resolve this?



Cannot remove older version of software manager

I am desperately trying to update my software manager, but I cannot since the older version of the software manger cannot be uninstalled. I found a previous forum here but was unable to ascertain a solution from the thread. Jennifer said:

Install error for Windows 10

Hello all,

I am trying to install the Fortran compiler on my new Windows 10 machine.

I have Visual Studio 2017 RC and Visual Studio 2015, both Professional versions.

The install fails every time returns the error code (via our software centre):

The software change returned error code 0x3E9(1001).

I have the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable set up, is there anything else that needs to be done before install?

Unable to download old version of Intel Fortran (support expired)

Dear Support,
We're currently in the process to renew our Intel Fortran floating license for which the support was not renewed after 2012 and we should be launching the purchase early next year.

However some of our users are experiencing bugs on the 2011 version which we're currently having on our Linux cluster and which seemed to have been fixed in the latest Update for the 2011 compiler. 

Would you be able to send us the latest package for it ?

Best Regards,

downloading trial fortran compiler for window

Hello - I need help!

I downloaded the trial version of Fortran on my windows machine.  Discovered I had to also install SDK and Visual Studio 2015.  After that was done, I reinstalled the compiler and all APPEARED to go well.  The next step, running psxevars intel64 produced a nice error message claiming there was no visual studio to be found. 

I did find where "ifort" was located, and attempted a command line compile in the intelSWTools directory.  It appeared to compile but then refused to create the associated object file.  So - strike two!


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