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Broken link to obtain license open-source projects


I am trying to access this link:

On the bottom of the webpage, there is a link to "Linux*", and it seems to be broken ("This is awkward... We couldn't find what you were looking for.".

How I apply for a open-source license for Intel Composer Fortran/C++ version? Thanks.


Renew student license


I'm sure this information must be somewhere, but I'm having a hard time finding it. I have a student license for Parallel Studio XE and I received a notification that the license will expire soon. When I click the "renew license" link in the notification window, I am taken to a page that only describes the license, with no information on how to renew. I read in the FAQ that student licenses don't need to be renewed, but the notification I received has me worried that I will lose access to the software soon if I don't do something.

VTune™ Amplifier 2018 License Upgrade

Note: If you have a pre-2018 serial number for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier as a standalone product with active support and you would like to download and install VTune Amplifier 2018 or later, the information below is relevant for you.  This does not apply to Parallel Studio XE licenses, even if they include VTune Amplifier.

  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier
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  • activation rights do not allow this software to be installed. this could be due to expire subscription or incompatible serial nu


    a few days ago my Intel Fortran couldn't be used in visual studio 2013 said my license problem. after that I check my license (student), it's still active.  then I download the xe2017 update 4 to install but it says"activation rights do not allow this software to be installed. this could be due to expire subscription or incompatible serial number ". I never met this problem. I tried different VS like 2015 and 2017 but all of them don't work. I also used a different version of IVF such as XE 2017 initial, XE2017 update 1 / update4. still couldn't install.

    pin tool version 65163


    I'm currently trying to build the IDA Pin Debugger. I ran into too many errors that I eventually came into some I couldn't figure out to fix. I went back to the pin tools download page and decided to use one of the older versions from 2015. However once I tried to begin building ida pin I got this error: idadbg.cpp(17): fatal error C1189: #error :  "IDA does not support PIN build #71313. Please use #65163 instead". I looked at vc9, 10 and 11 and they are all 71313. Where can I find the download for pin tool version 65163? Thank you. 



    Error accessing downloads for expired product


         When attempting to access (older) downloads for an expired license, I get the following error when clicking on the "Download" link:


    You do not have the necessary authority to complete the requested operation.

          I already have and am using System Studio Professional Edition 2017 Update 2, however due to an apparent bug, I'd like to download and try using 2017 Update 1, or 2017 Initial Release, neither of which I seem to be able to access.

    Fortran compiler for students is not available any more for Mac OS X

    Dear intel managers,



    I am a university student, and I have been using intel fortran compilers in Mac OS X for three years (the student version). However, I have found that it is not available any more, since the site just downloads the C++ package. Am I doing anything wrong, or it is just not available?

    Thanks in advance,



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