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Intel® Platform Analysis Library licensing and download...

I am interested in the "Intel® Platform Analysis Library".  I need to create a server application to run on Intel CPUs (under Linux and Windows server) that monitors the load and heat levels for the GPU and CPU cores.

I have gone to the "Intel® Platform Analysis Library" product page 4 times and applied for a product license (I apparently have to be approved for a license before I can download the SDK), and have never heard back from Intel about it.  

Is Intel monitoring this product page?  If so, how long does it usually take them to reply? 

How to renew the Parallel Studio License for Linux (Open source developers)

I have installed Parallel Studio for Linux about a year a go using an open source developer license. The license has now expired but I can't seem to find a way to renew it. When I check my profile on the Intel website it simply states that the license is now expired.

How should I proceed?


Can I access older versions of Intel C++/Fortran compilers with my Parallel Studio XE 2017 Professional Edition license?

I recently purchased a named-user license to Parallel Studio XE 2017 Professional Edition for C++ and Fortran. While I plan to primarily use the most recent version of the tools, some of the end users of my software use much older versions of the Intel compiler tools (for example, 10.1, 11.0, and 11.1, which by now are 6-8 years old). In order to best support them, I would like to ensure that my software still builds without problems on those old versions of the compiler.

Multiple product installation

Sorry if I missed this elsewhere.

I've got a two seat floating license for Intel Fortran Parralel Studio.

I haven't installed anything yet.

According to the salesperson I should be able to install two different versions of the same product. In this case I need to install  Intel Fortran 2011, and the most current Fortran version as well.  Can I simply download and install these, or are there steps I need to take to avoid the products from stepping on each other?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

license for Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016

We have purchased the latest edition of intel parallel studio xe, but need to use and older version (2016) which i have downloaded already, but need to use it on an offline system. On the license center page there is no edit option to put in the hostid of the system that it will be running on. Can someone get in contact with me about generating a new license with the correct hostid for an offline installation? 


Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Linux change HOSTID in license center?

I just purchased Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Linux - i want to use the 2016 version of it (i have downloaded that). This system is an offline system, and in all of the FAQ's it tells me to go to the licensing page (i am going off this doc -  ) 

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