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Can't download older versions of Parallel Studio - getting a 404

Hi guys,

I'm trying to download a trial version of Parallel Studio 2013 SP1. What I did was going to the Parallel Studio XE download site (following a link that was e-mailed to me), selecting "Additional downloads, latest updates and prior versions", and then picking "2013 SP1" from the "Version" list. However, when I click on "Download Now" I get a 404 error page. This happens for both 2013 and 2013 SP1, regardless of whether I pick the light (20 MB) installer or the full one.

cannot activate Intel Fortran compiler via network license manager

I'm failing to install and activate Intel Fortran compiler on CentOS7 via network license manager.
When activation, select "2. Use Intel(R) Software License Manager" and enter correct ip and port number of the license server.
After that, no response from the installer over few hours. so I need to give up the activation.

The client Linux is located in AWS. The license server is in company office.

I verified that port 28518 is open in packet level. Are there any things should I do?

PS XE 2017 Cluster Edition installation failure over PS XE 2016u3

Installation of PS XE 2017 Cluster edition balked and did rollback when installing after Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 3 (non-Cluster edition) on Windows 7 Pro x64 with MS VS 2010 and MS VS 2012->2013 upgrade.

I am uninstalling PS XE 2016u3 now and will retry when uninstall completes.

FWIW, this system had issues installing PS XE 2016 over 2015, had to uninstall that too.

It would be nice to keep various versions installed for regression testing....

Jim Dempsey

Serial Number Not Valid - Community Licensing for Intel® Performance Libraries

I registered to the Community Licensing for Intel® Performance Libraries and got a serial number, with links to download files. 

Having downloaded the MKL install package for Linux, I find it impossible to install the library as the serial number gets rejected; here is the message I receive during the installation process:

"The serial number you provided is not valid for product Intel(R) Math Kernel Library 2017 for Linux"

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,



Licenses required for 4 users on 3 computer network

We are putting together out budget for next year and need to determine how many licenses of Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 Profession Edition for Windows* OS we need to support 4 users on a 3 computer network.

The installation guide makes it sound like we should be covered for $1699 on up to three machines.  Is that correct?  The FAQ makes it sounds like it is per user, not per host.  Very confusing?!

How do I transfer licenses to/from another user?

Parallel Studio 2017 XE installer fails quickly: "Package requires Internet connection"

Hello all,


I am trying to replace my installation of Parallel Studio 2016 XE with the new 2017 one. This is on a Windows 7 machine.

Downloaded and executed the small installer, that is supposed to load the required installation packages later.

However, when starting it, the first thing it tells me is:

"Package requires Internet connection

Failed to install Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran OS X*

I used my email to apply for student version composer for Fortran and successfully received the serial number, when I put in the serial number, it showed authorization failure. I have checked that my serial number is active. Could anybody help me or give me some suggestions? THANKS.

The request for S/N of 2016-version of Parallel Studio XE


My company uses the Parallel Studio XE 2015 and 2016 now (SKU: PPE999WSGE01X1Z; License Type: Named-user).
Now the period of support has expired on August, 1 2016.
We still had some registered S/N of 2015-version which we now cannot upgrade automatically for S/N of 2016-version in Registration Center.
I request for us the new appropriate S/N in a manual mode.

Thank in advance!

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