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MKL compiled into R / License question

My company offers an analytics environment commercially. I have determined that R compiled with MKL runs quicker than other Blas options. I am aware of and have read the Intel EULA. I understand my current license is as a named user.

1. may  i distribute the version of R I created using the MKL libraries under the license I now possess?

If not, do I have any options?



Ronald P. Reck


how to enter host id info on a floating license


I have purchased a INTEL FORTRAN license (floating, 2 seats).

I have entered the serial number in my account

I am seeing the serial number and the product in the registration center

I can see the page where my product appears in the INTEL registration center

I can see it as displayed by Intel help ie serial number, product name and license type


I now need to enter the info on Host ID provided by my IT department as it is a floating license

Fortran Named User License on Server with Team NIC's

Our environment is setup using NIC teaming with the servers having 2 Ethernet NIC cards for redundancy.  When I issue the getmac /v,  I get back three MAC addresses,  1 address for the First Nic, 1 address for the Second NIC, and the Teaming NIC Address which will be the same as one of the addresses associated with one of the NIC's.   Can a license file be generated  that will have the HOST id for each MAC addresses of the NIC's?  If not, what is Intel's solution for the use of license files for the configuration I noted above?

Activation issue, performance libraries, community ed.


I have registered for a community licence, to use the performance libraries.

Initially I installed but could not activate using my serial number, so i opted for a trial to get it working at the time.

The error message was "Activation rights do not allow this software to be installed. This could be due to expired subscription or incompatible serial number."

Now the trial period has expired I cannot update the libraries, or install new ones.

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