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Fortran compiler for students is not available any more for Mac OS X

Dear intel managers,



I am a university student, and I have been using intel fortran compilers in Mac OS X for three years (the student version). However, I have found that it is not available any more, since the site just downloads the C++ package. Am I doing anything wrong, or it is just not available?

Thanks in advance,



There is no fortran serial number for mac os for Free Tools for Students?


    I'm a student of wuhan university. when i need to update my serial number of ifort , i find a problem that there is no link for  me to apply for a serial number via my education email, i can only find the link for 'icc' , that's why ? no free for 'ifort' any more ? 

the steps i do :

step 1:   ; click button "mac os*"

Shifting from C++ only to C++ and Fortran Intel Parallel studio

Hello to everyone. I am sorry if this was asked before, but I couldn't find it.

Some month or two ago, the university I work at got a license for Intel Parallel Studio ( Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Ed C++ Named-user Academic) only for C++ programming language because of various reasons.

However, there were some changes in plan recently, so I would be interested if it is somehow possible to "upgrade" (using the word loosely) from "C++ only" to "Fortran and C++" version, since it would be of some use to us?

Thank You in advance for Your answer.

IPP 2017 not installed? Errors: The IA-32 architecture host installation is no longer supported

Hi every body,

I want install IPP on Ubuntu 32bit.

But when i installed l_ipp_2017.3.196, i have a notication: "The IA-32 architecture host installation is no longer supported."

( however, I installed ipp on Ubuntu 64b, it run ok)

where can I download ipp support for Ubuntu 32bit?


Can't install MKL for IA-32 architecture

I download the 2017 update3 version of MKL and try to install the on Ubuntu 12.04, but it said

"The IA-32 architecture host installation is no longer supported.
The product cannot be installed on this system.
Please refer to product documentation for more information."

I don't know why and what can I do. Thanks

Fortran Install - Checking license configuration takes 3 hours

Whenever I am trying to install Fortran Composer, the step after prereqs that says "Checking license configuration" counts by 4% each time and takes about 3 hours to accomplish before the next step where I input my hostname and port of my license server.. It makes installing it on multiple machines take forever. These computers have never had Fortran before.

Installation Failure: Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 Upd. 4, Visual Studio Prof 2017 and Windows 10

I've just installed the Visual Studio Professional 2017 on a Windows 10 machine.  When trying to install the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 Update 4, I'm getting a message indicating that compiler cannot be installed because there is no VS installed.  Of course, the VS 2017 is working fine.  Any ideas how I can force the Intel Installer to recognize the VS installation?  


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