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Requesting student license Parallel Studio for Linux


I tried to request a free student license for Parallel Studio XE on Linux using the page at

After submitting the form with personal information I was redirected to an error page:

Download Intel Fortran Compiler Professional Edition for Windows 11.1


I'm searching for a download link of the "Intel Fortran Compiler Professional Edition for Windows 11.1" installer.

All I found was an outdated help page: and I can tell you it's not working anymore.

The named options are not displayed in my account and I can choose between Version X13 and X15, but not 11.1.

I own a Licence for the compiler 11.1 and for the newest Version "Intel Fotran Composer X15" aswell.

License File not sent via Email

     I've downloaded the student version for Parallel Studio XE 2015 for my Max OS X and got the serial key for the same on my email. But going through the FAQ's tells me that being behind a firewall, I wont be able to do the online registration and hence I fall back to the offline license method. However, I still haven't received the license file on my mail after having registered for the same here ( . Can someone please help me out?

How to implement counted License in a current uncounted License Environment

I am using Intel Fortran for Linux. We have a current install where the license was single user based. I have since purchased a 20 seat license. I am implementing FLEX licsensing into the environment. I have a few questions;

1. Can I put the new license files in the same directory as the current licenses /opt/intel/licenses and the server manager will not be impacted by the old licenses?

Parallel Studio XE trial license

Hi there,

Want to try out the intel compilers to measure performance gains:

Platform is Linux 64-bit, picked option 2, for trial license. Installation finished without issues.

Sourced to set all the variables, but once trying ifort it complains about not being able to contact flexlm. Do I really need to set up flexlm for a trial of this? And, I didn't receive a license file to begin with, or I can't find it? The installation instructions could perhaps be a bit more clear in this area, I think.

Could someone please point me in the right direction?

how to transfer the license when original user is not available

my ex-colleague holds the license for intel ipp. He left the firm without transferring the license and now I cannot reach him. I have the soft copy of the license with the serial number. could you please tell me if there is a procedure to transfer the license to me?

Also I am not able to access sample codes information page. I get Access denied error on this page. Any suggestions?

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