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Trying to get older version of C++/Fortran compiler


Please bear with me as this may be a little long. I have already been in touch through the normal support channel (Case #: 01724714) and they have directed me here.

Our Physics department had purchased the  C & Fortran Compiler XE a number of years ago (2007 I believe) and then, a few years later, purchased the upgraded version (in 2011 I believe). Over the years (due to a number of personnel changes) the installation copy as well as some of the records have been lost and cannot be found.

What I am trying to do is to:

Product activation failed

I am trying to install Educator Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Linux on the university computer by running:

$ sh

At "Step 3 of 7 | Activation", I choose "1. I want to activate my product using a serial number [default]", and paste one of the licenses received via e-mail just after "Please type your serial number (the format is XXXX-XXXXXXXX):"

On the first time I tried, I got the error message after a few seconds:

Issues with the license of Intel Parallel studio XE 2015 Fortran compiler

Hello Everybody, 

I am graduate student. I am using Intel Parallel studio XE Cluster Edition 2015 from last year to compile my Fortran codes in Microsoft VS 2013. Since I am student, I used the free version of the software which is available on Intel's website. Compiler worked perfectly fine for last entire year. But from today, I am getting licenses issues. The error which I got is as follows:

Error: A license for FCompW could not be obtained

Your license has expired.


License file(s) used were (in this order):

Updated serial number, but expiration date doesn't change

I renewed the license before expiration, and the vendor gave me a new serial number. I opened Intel software manager, clicked the activation buttons for Intel Math Kernel Library 11.3 and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016, which expire in 28 days. It says "Congratulations! Your purchased product has been activated", and the serial number changed from the old one to the new one, but somehow the expiration date is still the old date. it still says that both software will expire in 28 days. Can anyone help me, please?


XE2013 Patches

I currently have XE 2013 and was waiting for a license so I can download the latest patches.  It arrived today but it was for XE2016 and when I selected older versions, it only went back to 2015.  What can I do to get those patches for XE2013?



What licensing info should accompany Intel MPI library redistributable files?

I have developed a C++ Windows application, using the Intel MPI library, that will be packaged up to include the Runtime Environment files (as specified by the 'redist-rt.txt' file).  As the customer has a bunch of lawyers watching over their shoulder, the licensing information for everything used in the application is being scrutinized.

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