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DAPL works but OFA not

Dear Intel colleagues,

I have just set up a new diskless cluster. Running IMB "Pingpong" with -genv I_MPI_FABRICS shm:dapl shows promising performance. But with -genv I_MPI_FABRICS shm:ofa things never worked. I have provided all system environment and execution traces below. Your help will be important to us.

Problems reading HDF5 files with IntelMPI?


is anyone aware of troubles with PHDF5 and IntelMPI? A test code to
reads an HDF5 file in parallel has trouble when scaling if I run it with
IntelMPI, but no trouble if I run it, for example, with POE.

I'm using Intel compilers 13.0.1, IntelMPI, and HDF5 1.8.10

The code just reads a 800x800x800 HDF5 file, and the times I get for
reading it are:

128 procs  - 0.7262E+01
1024 procs - 0.9815E+01
1280 procs - 0.9930E+01
1600 procs - ???????  (it gest stalled...)

Intel MPI issue with the usage of Slurm

To whom it may concern,

Hello. We are using Slurm to manage our Cluster. However, we met a new issue of Intel MPI with Slurm. When one node reboots, the Intel MPI will fail with that node but manaully restart of slurm daemon will fix it. I also tried to add "service slurm restart" in /etc/rc.local which runs in the end of booting but the issue is still there.

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