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cannot find e000

I read the samples and --help to run advisor xe on my program.

I want to do an analysis on vectorization.  I am limited to command line for everything.

I used advisorxe to collect data for my mpi program - like this:

mpirun -np ../dir1/dir2/a.out : -np 1 advixe-cl --collect survey -project-dir myproc  ../dir1/dir2/a.out

This runs 64 mpi ranks and successfully runs to completion -the run created directory myproc containing file myproc.advixeproj and directory rank.63 (containing more subdirectories and files).

So now I want a report so I run:


Dear Forum,

I try to use Advisor XE to parallelize my code written in Fortran. Unfortunately the compliler does not recognize the USE ADVISOR_ANNOTATE statement, and I get the error message upon compiling:

error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [ADVISOR_ANNOTATE]

I tried to set compiler options and settings according to the Advisor Tutorial, but seemingly I did something wrong, some library is certainly missing. Could you pls. help what to do?

Creating a Project Using the Intel Advisor GUI

To launch the Intel AdvisorStandalone GUI, use the advixe-gui command after you set up your command line environment or use the supplied Start > Intel Parallel Studio XE > Analyzers menu shortcut.

A project serves as a reusable container for your application. It contains the location of the target executable and its associated properties, as well as a previously collected result from Intel Advisor tool analysis.

Memory Access Patterns Analysis

The compiler attempts to produce high-performance code by implementing all sorts of optimizations. But, in some cases, the compiler cannot vectorize code because of non-unit memory strides, or the arrangement of data structures (for example, by using "arrays of structures" instead of "structures of arrays").

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