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Putting Your Data and Code in Order: Data and layout - Part 2

In this pair of articles on performance and memory covers basic concepts to provide guidance to developers seeking to improve software performance. This paper expands on concepts discussed in Part 1, to consider parallelism, both vectorization (single instruction multiple data SIMD) as well as shared memory parallelism (threading), and distributed memory computing.
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  • OpenMP*
  • Code Modernization
  • Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture
  • Optimization
  • Parallel Computing
  • Threading
  • Vectorization
  • Explore Intel® AVX-512 Code Paths with Intel® Advisor XE while not Having Compatible Hardware

    Many factors that can make programs difficult for automatic vectorization. We will examine some of the factors that can make vectorizing code problematic without providing the compiler with some additional hints. Vectorizing loops is critical for increasing your applications’ performance, and Intel Advisor XE is the tool that can guide you through the process of vectorization.

    Intel Advisor XE 2016 is a dynamic analysis tool that now contains a Vectorization Advisor feature. Using Vectorization Advisor you can survey all the loops in your application and see:

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