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advice-cl hangs immediately after starting

I am running the vec_samples example in this release..../beta/parallel_studio_xe_2018_update1/advisor_2018.0.3.513243/
I execute the following...

advixe-cl -collect survey -project-dir ./advi -search-dir src:=./advi/vec_samples -- ./advi/vec_samples/vec_samples

It hangs right away, no top activity and no core activity.

I reran it using strace followed by command and it "seems" to get stuck here...
./advi/project_read_only.dflgadvixe", O_RDWR|O_CREAT|O_DSYNC, 0644) = 4
fcntl(4, F_SETLK, {type=F_WRLCK, whence=SEEK_SET, start=0, len=0}

when I kill it it dies like this 

Suitability Analysis

The Intel® Advisor Suitability tool runs your annotated serial program's executable (target). It measures the target executable and uses your annotated parallel sites to predict (estimate) its approximate parallel performance characteristics.

Annotation Types Summary

You can use different kinds of Intel Advisor annotations to mark where you propose to have parallel sites, tasks, locks, or perform special actions. These annotations are:

  • Parallel site annotations

  • Parallel task annotations

  • Parallel lock annotations

  • Annotations that let you pause and resume data collection

  • Special-purpose annotations

Copying Annotations and Build Settings Using the Annotation Assistant Pane

The Intel Advisor provides an annotation assistant near the bottom of the Survey Report and Survey Source windows, as well as with the No Data message. Use this assistant to copy selected annotated code snippets and build setting information into a code editor. For example, here is the annotation assistant pane in the Survey Report window:

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