Intel® Advisor

Intel® Advisor GUI

The Intel® Advisor GUI is available:

  • From a command line on Windows* or Linux* OS systems. Type the advixe-gui command and optionally specify a path to one of following:

    • Full (absolute) path to a result file (*.advixe)

    • Full path to a project file (config.advixeproj)

FLOPS Analysis

The Intel® Advisor FLOPS analysis is part of the Advisor Trip Counts and FLOPS analysis, which runs your target program, collects data about loops, and displays the collected information in the Survey Report.


You must run the Survey analysis at least once before or after collecting FLOPS data to see the results.

Before you run the Trip Counts and FLOPS analysis

Mixing and Matching Tasks

You can combine the data parallel and task parallel patterns. Continuing with the display/update example, suppose that you can parallelize the update operation, but not the display operation. Then you could execute the display operation in parallel with multiple tasks from the update operation. Consider this C/C++ code:

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