Intel® Advisor


The Intel Advisor workflow is based on many years of experience parallelizing numerous programs. The workflow has several representations:

  • The Intel Advisor GUI provides the Advisor Workflow tab. This tab presents simplified workflows that help you understand how you can use the Intel Advisor.

Supported Targets

A target is an executable file that you examine with Intel Advisor tools. It must contain source symbol table debug information, so the tool can provide source line correlation and viewing sources.

Intel Advisor supports targets:

Marking Loops for Deeper Analysis

Once you finish surveying your target application and get the Survey Report finalized, you can mark loops for deeper analysis with the Intel® Advisor Dependencies and Memory Access Patterns (MAP) tools. Marking loops for deeper analysis is an alternative to adding annotations to your program's source code. This alternative is Vectorization Workflow-specific and impacts performance less than in case of adding source annotations.

Minimizing Data Collection, Result Size, and Execution Time (Dependencies)

For medium-large targets, several methods are available to minimize the amount of data collected and target execution time. Minimizing the data collected reduces the amount of data you need to examine in the Dependencies Report; it also reduces the size of the generated result. To minimize execution time with the Dependencies tool, consider reducing the data set processed by the application.

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