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Target Applications

A target is an executable version of your serial program that you build. Intel® Advisor provides five tools that you use to prepare your program for Threading or SIMD parallelism. These tools invoke and examine your running program. The table below lists these tools and an overview of the target requirements:

Survey Tool Overview

The Survey tool runs and watches your running serial program's target executable. After it analyzes (profiles) your target's execution, it displays the Survey Report window to help you choose possible (candidate) places to add parallelism.

MPI Workflow Example

In this example, analysis is performed for an application that is run in four processes.

Collect survey data for all ranks into the shared ./advi project directory.

$ mpirun -n 4 advixe-cl -project-dir ./advi -collect survey -- <PATH>/mpi-sample/1_mpi_sample_serial

If you need to copy the data to the development system, do so now.

Enabling Intel® Cilk™ Plus in your Build Environment

Intel® Cilk™ Plus is supported by the Intel® C++ Compiler, which is part of most Intel® Parallel Studio XE editions). It is also supported by other compilers, such as certain versions of the GNU* gcc compiler with the Intel Cilk Plus branch and other compilers (see To use Intel Cilk Plus, you must use one of these compilers so they recognize the Intel Cilk Plus keywords.

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