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OpenMP Reduction Operations

OpenMP reduction operations can be used for simple cases, such as incrementing a shared numeric variable or the summation of an array into a shared numeric variable. To implement a reduction operation, add the reduction clause within a parallel region to instruct the compiler to perform the summation operation in parallel using the specified operation and variable.

Consider this annotated C/C++ serial code:

Adding Parallelism

The best performance improvements from adding parallel execution (parallelism) to a program occur when many cores are busy most of the time doing useful work. Achieving this requires a lot of analysis, knowledge, and testing.

Site and Task Annotations for Simple Loops With One Task

Parallel site annotations mark the beginning and end of the parallel site. In contrast, to mark an entire simple loop body as a task, you only need a single iteration task annotation in the common case where the Survey tool identifies a single simple loop that consumes much of an application's time. In many cases, a single time-consuming simple loop structure may be the only task needed within a parallel site. This annotation form is also the easiest to convert to parallel code.

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