Intel® SOA Expressway XSLT 2.0 Processor

SAML 2.0 Token Bridging with Intel® SOA Expressway

One of the cool features of Intel® SOA Expressway is its ability to easily handle token bridging with just a few clicks. What is token bridging you ask? With the increased need for Enterprises to talk outside their perimeter to other Enterprises or cloud services, we need an easy way to morph message level credentials into the proper form as they move across the dynamic perimeter of the Enterprise.

Using SOA Expressway for Handling Kerberos in a B2B Environment

So a project manager walks up to you and tells you, “Hey, we just bought a company that creates purchasing order software. The PO system uses a Linux based implementation of Oracle Access Manager (OAM). We need to integrate this technology’s authentication mechanism with our implementation of Kerberos and Microsoft Active Directory. Unfortunately, their PO system doesn’t support any of the Windows Integrated Authentication solutions. We aren’t even sure if the system can handle SPNEGO. While OAM may handle SAML assertions, it definitely can’t deal with Kerberos tokens.

SOA Expressway Usecase Series

And on with some real world use cases of SOA Expressway…

This one is really interesting. The combination of data transformations, security and SSO – all coming together to address common pain point in creating portals.

A e-commerce website services that serves tens of millions of users daily, communicating with hundreds of services. Each service only supports its own proprietary XML or JSON format or worse still, custom formats.

XSLT 2.0: Regular Expression Functions and Instructions

XSLT 2.0: Regular expressions

One of the weaknesses in XSLT 1.0 was the very simple set of string manipulation features. In comparison to many popular programming languages, the string functions lacked one very powerful feature, regular expressions. Intel SOA Expressway actually offers this functionality with extension functions for our customer base. In XSLT 2.0, the XSLT working group plugged this hole for everyone in a couple of ways that we’ll look at in this post.

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