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Internal compiler error 010101_239

Hi guys,

I condensed our project down to a piece of code that lets you reproduce the following issue.
When I compile this in Release configuration (Debug works), I get this compiler error:

1>------ Build started: Project: ng-gtest, Configuration: Release x64 ------
1> CilkTest.cpp
1>" : error : 010101_239
1> compilation aborted for General\CilkTest.cpp (code 4)
========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 3 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

Cilk worker scheduling


I would like to understand better how Cilk scheduling works. 
I am not sure how to phrase this question so I give it my best.

I have downloaded the latest Intel Cilk runtime release (cilkplus-rtl-003365 -  released 3-May-2013).
I use the classical Fibonacci example in Cilk.

Parallel Search With Cilk Plus

Hi everyone , I have a program that generating random number if it does not exist in ( allocated custom size) array  then add array. But if custom size is very big   ( 1 million )  after a period search is very slowing down. I did learn  cilk_for and reducers.I want to paralleize but I could not decide what reducer is suitable for array. Is there someone who can help me ? 

(Sorry for my english if you do not understand my problem you can write my e-mail   " " )  


Question on the Status of Cilk Plus Support in GCC Mainline


I read from the GCC 4.9.0 release notes that

Support for Cilk Plus has been added and can be enabled with the -fcilkplus option. Cilk Plus is an extension to the C and C++ languages to support data and task parallelism. The present implementation follows ABI version 1.2; all features but _Cilk_for have been implemented.

Cilk view got error with program compiled by GCC 4.9.0


Recently, I have been compiling my Cilk plus program with GCC 4.9.0. Then I ran Cilk view to measure its parallelism and got this error:

Cilkview: Generating scalability data

Cilkview Scalability Analyzer V2.0.0, Build 3229

C:Tool (or Pin) caused signal 11 at PC 0x7f9124cd1dd3


Interestingly, when I compiled the program with GCC 4.8.2 and ran it with Cilk view again, it ran fine. So does it only happen with GCC 4.9.0? My guess is that GCC 4.9.0 isn't stable enough or not compatible with Cilk view at this time.


Потоки — это Goto параллельного программирования

Сразу раскрою мысль, вынесенную в заголовок. Использование потоков (также именуемых нити, треды, англ. threads) и средств прямой манипуляции ими (создание, уничтожение, синхронизация) для написания параллельных приложений оказывает столь же пагубное влияние на сложность алгоритмов, качество кода и скорость его отладки, какое вносило использование оператора Goto в последовательных программах.

A Parallel Stable Sort Using C++11 for TBB, Cilk Plus, and OpenMP

This article describes a parallel merge sort code, and why it is more scalable than parallel quicksort or parallel samplesort. The code relies on the C++11 “move” semantics. It also points out a scalability trap to watch out for with C++. The attached code has implementations in Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB), Intel® Cilk™ Plus, and OpenMP*.

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