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[DEPRECATED] App Designer (UI layout tool)

IMPORTANT: the Intel XDK App Designer component (aka the UI layout tool) has been deprecated. It will be retired in an upcoming release. Once retired, existing App Designer projects will continue to work, but you will not be able to create new App Designer projects.

No bug fixes will be implemented for the existing App Designer component nor for any of the UI frameworks that were supported by App Designer.

Error contacting remote build servers

Hi guys

I was happily working away using the build tab until about 15 minutes ago - since then when I go to the build tab I get "Error contacting remote build servers" - My internet connection is obviously fine, so not sure what's going on, are you aware of any issues on your side? Of course as luck would have it I was literally minutes away from a Prod


Problem converting legacy, or creating new Android Keystore

There is a known issue with the certificate management console that causes it to "shrink" vertically so that some input fields are hidden. Use the small scrollbar to the right of the input fields to see the other input fields. The images in the next post show the location of that scrollbar.

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Have not built a release in a while, and just found with the new XDK v3900 the need to update the legacy keystores, or create a new one.

xdk cloud build vs cordova cli apk size

Due to intel cloud build deprecation, I setup a cordova cli build.
But I noticed that the apk size differs.

The cloud build is around 27MB

The cordova cli build (cordova build android --release --device) is over 50MB.

Only with shared crosswalk the two build size match (around 5MB)

Why I see this size difference?

Thank you

Support for Gradle and Hook Scripts

Dear Intel XDK.

As a developer that has used your product for at least 2 years, I have enjoyed watching the product evolve and improve.

Every addition to the XDK has helped to make development with Cordova fun for developers and keep pace with the traditional Cordova CLI.

However, My Dearest Team, in recent months, things have started to change. Intel XDK does not support gradle, it does not support build hooks. These  new cordova features have been around for some time, especially gradle script; but XDK is yet to adopt support.

Future direction of the XDK

Forgive me if this has been asked/answered before, but I could not find it. Is the future of the XDK for the use of building apps for the store still a major focus for Intel, now and in the future? I ask because based on the traffic on the forums, the future seems bleak for what I am hoping to do. I didnt to a ton of research, but it seems that the number of actual Intel employees responding to forum posts is dwindeling. Can anyone confirm this? What happened to everyone else that was helping users?

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