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[RETIRED] Build Tab (Online Build Targets)

IMPORTANT: As of July 10, 2017, the Intel XDK cloud-based build servers have been retired. The build system is no longer be available for use with any version of the Intel XDK. Your mobile app projects will still be recognized as Intel XDK mobile app projects and will continue to work within the Simulate tab. Additionally, the Test tab can still be used to push your app to App Preview for on-device testing.

Login Error "Access Denied"

If you see a login error similar to the following:

You are probably using a version of the Intel XDK that needs to be updated. Versions of the XDK prior to and including 3400 are not able to log into the Intel XDK backend services. This is due to changes that were made to maintain a higher level of security for your accounts.

[RETIRED] App Designer (UI layout tool)

IMPORTANT: the Intel XDK App Designer component (aka the UI layout tool) has been retired. It was retired with the 3972 release (May, 2017). Existing App Designer projects will continue to work, but you will not be able to create new App Designer projects.

No bug fixes will be implemented for App Designer nor for any of the UI frameworks that were supported by App Designer.

Http requests working in emulator but not in "Intel App Preview" app

For those reading this thread, frameworks (such as Cocos2D) that rely on using XHR with file:// URLS, and treat a non-200 status and/or a non-OK statusText as an error may not work in App Preview due to some XHR override code that is included as part of App Preview. This special handling XHR code code built into App Preview can be disabled by adding the "data-noxhrfix" property to the <head> tag in your app, for example:

Tabs are hidden

Hi everyone

I have the next issue, when I open Intel XDK all the tabs are hidden and I can not simulate, test or build any project, I have reinstalled the program many times but it is not working, I even used an installator I had in other PC and upgraded the program but it is still the same.


Thank you!

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