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GitHub Page Locks the XDK (framing not allowed error)

If you are seeing an issue where you get an error stating "for security reasons framing not allowed" and are taken to a GitHub webpage that cannot be closed, you can make the following change to your Intel XDK installation files as a workaround:

There is a file named "help_support_information.json" that is part of the Intel XDK product files that causes this problem. Delete that file to eliminate this problem.

On Windows, delete this file:


login and build issues- Versions 2893 and older no longer supported-

We have stopped supporting Intel XDK versions 2893 and older as of June 13, 2016 as communicated earlier (see the note below). If you are using these older versions please upgrade to the latest version of XDK. Typical signs of having older versions are - not able to login, build not working, and messages like - "check if you are connect to the internet" or "you are not logged in, log in as a valid user" or a spinner goes on for a long time without logging you in.  You need to upgrade to versions 3088 or above, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version.


Http requests working in emulator but not in "Intel App Preview" app

For those reading this thread, frameworks (such as Cocos2D) that rely on using XHR with file:// URLS, and treat a non-200 status and/or a non-OK statusText as an error may not work in App Preview due to some XHR override code that is included as part of App Preview. This special handling XHR code code built into App Preview can be disabled by adding the "data-noxhrfix" property to the <head> tag in your app, for example:

XDK freezes or crashes when switching to or from Emulate tab workarounds

We are investigating this issue but are having trouble reproducing the problem. In the meantime the following workarounds have helped some users:

  • Close the Emulate tab's "debug console" (the CDT instance that you open with the "bug" icon) before switching away from the Emulate tab to a new tab. Then, when you return to the Emulate tab, restart (reopen) the CDT or debug console by push the "bug" icon.

  • Disable the "auto-refresh" feature of the Emulate tab (see image below):

iOS build failure

Hello Developers,

We are seeing that some users are having difficulties building for iOS. The errors in the Build log generated by Xcode are not very useful, but it turns out that lot of  issues come from not providing the correct certificate (P12 file) and/or provisioning profile or mismatch between P12 and provisioning profile. We are looking into providing specific errors so you don't have to guess what's wrong. But meanwhile if your build fails please make sure your P12 and provisioning profile are correct. 

Please follow these steps to generate the P12 file.

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