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[RETIRED] App Designer (UI layout tool)

IMPORTANT: the Intel XDK App Designer component (aka the UI layout tool) has been retired. It was retired with the 3972 release (May, 2017). Existing App Designer projects will continue to work, but you will not be able to create new App Designer projects.

No bug fixes will be implemented for App Designer nor for any of the UI frameworks that were supported by App Designer.

[WORKAROUND] TypeError: Cannot read property 'mode' of undefined error - stuck on Cordova export

Hi all!

I googled a bit but most of the time the answer is "upload your project and I'll p.m. you" so I cannot try and solve it on my end...

I'm on linux (Manjaro) and have a fresh intel XDK install version 3922. If I try to build my project with the soon to be deprecated tools, I cannot get past the "building" phase. It just spins endlessly.

[WORKAROUND] Can't remove 3rd party plugins after upgrading to XDK 3922


after upgrading from XDK Version 3759 to 3922 it is not possible anymore to remove a 3rd party plugin like "cordova-plugin-admob-free" which has 2 dependencies. Also a full reinstallation of XDK 3922 did not have any effect.

This happens on Windows and MAC

To reproduce this issue add the plugin to a new project on XDK 3922 and try to remove afterwards. It always results in a "Unknown error - Uh oh! Path must be a string. Received undefined".

Setting for Cordova is 6.2.0 CLI

I reinstalled 3759 and there is no problem to remove the plugin.

Error contacting remote build servers

Hi guys

I was happily working away using the build tab until about 15 minutes ago - since then when I go to the build tab I get "Error contacting remote build servers" - My internet connection is obviously fine, so not sure what's going on, are you aware of any issues on your side? Of course as luck would have it I was literally minutes away from a Prod


xdk cloud build vs cordova cli apk size

Due to intel cloud build deprecation, I setup a cordova cli build.
But I noticed that the apk size differs.

The cloud build is around 27MB

The cordova cli build (cordova build android --release --device) is over 50MB.

Only with shared crosswalk the two build size match (around 5MB)

Why I see this size difference?

Thank you

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