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Error in uploading project files: : self signed certificate in certificate chain

Please see this post for a workaround and report back here if the workaround was effective > <

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Hi IntelXDK Forum!

While trying to test my application I started to get problems with Building the app. It used to work alright using my certificate. Now I get an error that says:

Importing a Construct2 Game into the Intel XDK

There is a known issue with the 3491 release of the XDK and importing Construct2 apps that have been exported using the "new process" described below. That issue has been resolved with the 3522 hotfix release. Please upgrade to 3522 or later.

- - - - If you are importing a "NEW" Construct2 R225 Export to XDK project... - - - -

Intel XDK Release 3522, August 22, 2016


Summary of the 3522 release:

This Intel XDK release is a hot-fix that addresses several bugs and issues found in the 3491 release:

  • Crosswalk version 19 is now the default version for newly created projects. This update will warn you of any existing projects using Crosswalk version 18 (or lower). Google does not require that you use Crosswalk 19 (or higher), so this is just a warning, not an error.

Problems after Upgrading to 3491

If you are experiencing troubles after upgrading to 3491, it may be worth trying a fresh install, instead of an upgrade. Instructions for a fresh install can be found here > <

The FAQ instructions include removing the entire application as well as all cached files and configuration files. We recommend that you keep the global-settings.xdk file if you want to preserve your list of projects (see the FAQ referenced above).

Got client:upload-manager error

If you are experiencing this issue, please try the workaround located here > < and in the following posts. We are hoping to have a solution in the next major release.

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When I want to start builds the apps, I got this error and the process is stop.

Does anyone have the same issue?



Http requests working in emulator but not in "Intel App Preview" app

For those reading this thread, frameworks (such as Cocos2D) that rely on using XHR with file:// URLS, and treat a non-200 status and/or a non-OK statusText as an error may not work in App Preview due to some XHR override code that is included as part of App Preview. This special handling XHR code code built into App Preview can be disabled by adding the "data-noxhrfix" property to the <head> tag in your app, for example:

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