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application size is so large

Hello, I had worked in in intel xdk 1 year ago.. it was working fine and no any issues regarding certificates and all stuff ..

I have just downloaded a new version of intel xdk 3922 , and tried to create an android application ,it was demanding for adnroid certificate, there is no any straight forward guided path and support given into your site.

I found some helps from other websites and created a certificate and built an ap.. but it contains 25 MB size , where there is nothing in app just a simple text hello word.. , and it is not fair that it contains such a big size.. 

Software Overview

This section provides an overview of the various software components that you'll use to create your Intel® IoT Gateway solution. Although you can technically get up and running without the information in this section, you'll need a basic understanding of what you're installing and why to start really developing your own projects.

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