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Intel XDK Next release

Hi all, just want to check in and see if there is a new release of XDK in the works as there hasn't been a release in months (last version v3897) and usually releases are a month apart, roughly. I'd just like to know if you're working on another version and what we can expect to see in that version. Not asking when it will be released as I know you can't commit to that, just would be nice to know what you';re working on, like a roadmap view possibly - please :)

Trouble with xhr. Sometimes not firing


I have problems with ajax requests sometimes not firing when running my application on android and ios. It is most prevailent on android.
I get this the most when i am testing request against our test servers, but we also have problems on a customer server. On other customer servers this problem just happens occasionally.

Alternatives to Using the Intel® XDK to Develop Node.js* IoT Applications

The Intel® XDK provides a cross-development environment for creating Node.js* IoT applications that run on headless embedded Linux* systems. The tools used to assemble this environment within the Intel® XDK are standard open-source tools. This article provides a starting point for assembling a similar set of tools for developing Node.js applications on headless IoT Linux devices.

Intel® XDK IoT Development Components

That part of the Intel® XDK that supports IoT application development includes the following key functional elements:

  • Professional
  • Students
  • Internet of Things
  • JavaScript*
  • Node.js*
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Intel® XDK
  • Development Tools


    Where should I start? :) 

    I want to drag n drop if possible, and am looking for the BEST tutorials, in English.
    I've started studying App Dev, twice - but am domestically unlucky. 
    - interrupted.

    I'm back to try again. Cross-Platform is the way to go, yeah? And XDK is the best?
    I have NO experience coding; maybe like, one lesson of "OMG WHAT"

    Please help me learn to build cross-platform apps by pointing me in the right direction! 

    Thank you 

    live updating


    I am using XDK for a course at EDX. The course videos show  that the browser is updating live. However, this feature is not working for me. I have to save my work in XDK and then press F5 in the browser for it to be updated. 

    The second point is that when I press the "Live Preview" button the default browser opening is the Edge browser. How can change this to Chrome browser?



    " special letters"

    I am brand-new in XDK and i would like to write the letters: ç and Ç...

    I use a german keyboard with Windows and usually for Ç,  I use Alt128 and for ç Alt135.. But in XDK, these combinations do not work!!

    Does anyone could help me? Thanks in advance.

    when will XDK allow to include marketing icon for iOS

    Dear Support,

    As iOS app that submit to Apple for review require including a marketing icon (1024x1024) now. However, XDK UI without that option. The workaround will be adding a line in config.xml something like this:

    <icon height="1024" width="1024" src="icons/ios/icon-1024.jpg" />

    So I would like to know when will XDK UI update to allow adding the marketing icon for iOS app?

    No more internet connection after switching to Phonegap build

    Hello there,

    I use Intel XDK and finished an hybrid App for Android and iOS. The last time I build an Android Version, it was when the XDK still had the support and gave directly the .apk to my download folder. Now it gives me an .zip file I use for building the .apk with phonegap build.

    The thing is, now my app has got no Internet connection. I didnt change anything!
    The interessting thing is, the iOS App Version got connection with the same source code and settings.

    Has anyone an idea?

    Much thanks,

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