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ajax Post / Get doesn't work in App Preview and Build

I'm aware that there are several threads concerning this topic but since I tried the different approaches to solve this problem without succeeding I'll post the description of the problem in my specific case.

Ajax-calls work perfectly using the Simulate-Tab in Intel XDK-IDE.

In App-Preview and in the Build-Version the ajax-call fails with readyState: 0, status: 0 and statusText: "error". Nontheless, the responseText contains exactly the correct answer that I'm expecting from the server.

Compiled APK files not recognised by Android

I've just made some changes to an app and recompiled.
For testing I then forward the build links to my Android phone as I have always done.

Once downloaded the APK files is not being recognised as an installation file and fails to install.
Previously APK files have an Android symbol alongside the download. These latest have a black icon.

Education Use of XDK

We are an FE college with students aged 16-18, we would like to use XDK with our students, however looking at the terms and conditons we would need their parents to setup accounts for them to use with the software, see extract below

"For individuals aged 13 until age 18, use of this Site is only allowed with parental or legal guardian consent. Additionally, use by individuals aged 13 until age 18 is only allowed through the parent's or legal guardian's registered account."

Are we able to workaround this so the software can be used with student accounts?

Simulator Error after re-install

I have Version 3759. I was getting the Invocation error after updating.

Using the Uninstall function of the App I have uninstalled XDK and reinstalled. Everything seems to work except for the Simulator window.

The Simulate TAB shows all the relevant information and the device Simulate Window flashes as if it is going to appear but then disappears, so no Simulate window is visible.

I have uninstalled again, rebooted and reinstalled but still the simulator window flashes up and disappears.

Naming problem

hello every one

i am using Intel XDK for a while and it is fine but when i tried to make a new project which have an Arabic name , the dialog which i write the name in it doesn't accept any Arabic letters it only accept English names

so what is the problem and how to solve it ???

Version 3759 Build for Android V6


Just updated the CLI to 6.2 and the Target Android API to 19 and 23.

XDK offered to update the CLi and plugins which I accepted although I noticed the plugins were not set to there highest version number which I would have thought should have been the case.

App builds fine.

When running on a Sony Xperia the menu bar that should be at the bottom of the screen appears and the top and any selection on that menu results in a white screen.

The Splash screen appears OK.

Updating the libmraa and libupm libraries

The Intel® XDK makes use of the libmraa and libupm IoT libraries. The libmraa library, also called the MRAA I/O library, provides a platform-independent API for low-level access to I/O pins and buses on your IoT development board. the libupm library, also called the UPM sensor library, provides a high-level representation of common IoT I/O devices, via the MRAA I/O library for low-level operations.
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