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Range error: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Hi Intel support team,


I am receiving this error upon compiling and running natively my app on iOS and Windows Phone, however it works just fine on the Intel's emulator, web broswer and Android (crosswalk and standard). I'm clueless about its causes as debugging the application directly on an iphone and iPad presents no error. The specific error i'm receiving is:

Range error: Maximum call stack size exceeded. At line 2076 of intelxdk.js

I kindly ask for your support on this one as i am somewhat out of options for tracing the problem.


Scheduling local repeating notifications

Hello I think the bigger pain in HTML5 compared to native development are the notifications! Definitively working with notifications I think the best recomendation is still continue in native. I am stuck here many time and would apreciate any help if someone has been able to achieve it with the HTML5 Cordova avaiable tools.

Build attempt hangs during upload

Just installed the newest 1878

On first load my old project was converted to the latest format. Not complaining just stating the facts mam.

Went to the emulate tab. App ran. Yay, so far so good.

Went to the build tab, clicked on the Crosswalk for Android.

15 minutes later the upload was still in process.

I assumed this is not normal and the process has hung.

Tested upload speed. Not superfast. But not zero .5meg. Even at half a meg per sec 15 should be long enough for even a huge project.

append tr in table (Intel XDK, App framework 2.1)

Hi, I have a problem with the "append"
If I try to append to an existing table a new row, the function I put only the text without html tags.


<table id="miaTabella">



Function : $("#miaTabella").append("<tr><td>AAAA</td><td>1111</td></tr>");

Result :

CellA ___________|CellB_______


Does XDK Automatically includes the latest Google Ad SDK?

The Google Ad SDK was updated last month(

I use Construct 2 to develop my game and use the AdMob Plugin to show Ads. I wanted to know if Intel XDK, automatically includes the latest Ad SDK when Building the project?
Or do I have to manually update it in the project?

Please do let me know. My game revenue is very bad and I wanted to have the latest Ad SDK in my APK.


What are the replacements for Cordova?

What should we do in Intel XDK if we are using these in javascript?


What are the replacements for these in Cordova?

Mine is an ebook html5 app, I have to allow the Android and iOS devices to launch the app either in portrait or landscape modes.


JAVASCRIPT doesn't work anymore ! Help !

Hello everebody,

I work XDK 1878 on ubuntu.

Since the upgrade, the javascript code is no more executed ! Nothing at all !

I am fully bloked and can't do anything more on my development.

I try just a program with just an alert in javascript, it doesn't work !

The same in Firefox work perfectly.

Can somebody help  ?




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