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READ ME FIRST -- Build System to be Retired! -- IMPORTANT

The Intel XDK build system will be retired very soon. It is guaranteed to remain available through the end of June. In early July it will be disabled. When that happens you will only have the option of exporting your Intel XDK projects to a ZIP file that is compatible with PhoneGap Build and Cordova CLI (and other compatible tools).

See this forum thread for additional details > <

Cannot reopen one same project without restarting

Hi, I think there is a bug with the removing of a project.

After I remove a project and try to update it (to reopen it), I get the message "The project is already open.". I try to remove the project again but I get "Invalid project".

So, I have to restart Intel XDK in order to reopen my project. Please fix it.

Plugin compat error

Everytime I open XDK I get the message displayed in the image below:

It´s displayed even after I remove the plugin from plugin management and open XDK again next day. It started after I installed some plugins to try to pick image from library (cordova image picker plugin, camera and file plugin).

What can I do to solve it?



Cordova CLI error

Hello, now that the intel xdk cloud system is deprecated, I am trying to switch to Cordova CLI, but I have a problem.

Every time I try to build the app I have an error saying that npm is not recognized.

I even tried to create a basic Hello World app, using

cordova create hello_world
cordova platform add android

The first command runs well, but the second one gives me this error

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