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I'm new to Intel xdk and I've gotta say I love it, but would love to have all the features while using Sublime Text because I'm used to it.


I saw that there was a plugin which was abandoned for some reason, but does anyone has any other options ?


Thanks :)

How to get the (latitude/longitude/altitude) position using GPS only (offline) ?


Is there anyway to get  (latitude/longitude/altitude) position using GPS only (offline) ?

I don't need to use google maps - just GPS info !!

I used this (with ionic) and a simple app with this plugin

both required the internet connection to get the GPS info

is Intel XDK has a solution for this issue ?

Use Case: Intel® Edison Board to Microsoft Azure* Part 1

The following use case will provide you with an example of how to implement an IoT solution so that value can be gained through an IoT deployment, using the power of interconnectivity between the board, the gateway, and the cloud. We will dive into detailing the implementation process of the prototype of our solution, with this use case in mind.
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  • Launch APP from Cordoba HTML5

    Hi!!!, I need launch APP navigator inataled in the mobile.

    I see the lounch navigator phonegap but I can't run in my app...

    How to launch???, help me please...

    Hola!!!, necesito hacer un launch de una aplicación de navegador instalada en el dispositivo móvil desde mi APP.

    He probado pero sin éxito el pluggin navigator phonegap, no pude hacerlo funcionar. Alguien sabe como hacer esto?, ayuda por favor...


    Using Web Inspector Remote to Debug iOS* Cordova Apps

    If you own a Mac* and an Apple* developer account, you can utilize Web Inspector in Safari* to remotely debug an iOS* Cordova app in a way that is analogous to using Remote Chrome* DevTools with an Android* device running a Cordova app. This process requires that you use a Mac and that your iOS device is attached to the Mac via a USB cable. Some configuration of Safari* on your Mac* and on your iOS* device is required to make this work, and is described below.

    Problem with App permissions

    I created a webview app on intel xdk. The app only consists of an iframe that redirects to my mobile site. During development I tested it with the intel app for android smartphones and it ran all right. The problem is when I try to install the .apk on my smartphone the following message appears: Do you want to install this app? No special access required. And only the cancel button is available.
    What can be happening? Can someone please help me?
    I've already enabled my smartphone to install app from unknown sources.
    I'm using Android M.

    Simulator and Build doesn't work 3641

    Hi all,

    Last time I used Intel XDK in early Nov. Everything worked flawlessly.

    Now I'm trying to Simulate after I've done some changes to my code but when I press "Play" in the Simulator tab, nothing is happening. No error, nothing. This is not a "critical" issue.

    But. Now I'm trying to build the application (android) but I end up with this error:

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