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Webinar on Intel(R) System Studio 2017 Beta new features


     Intel® System Studio 2017 Beta new features webinar has been scheduled on Thu, May 19, 2016 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT. In this webinar we will

discuss about how to “Optimize your Embedded System/Application development, debugging and profiling times using Intel® System Studio

2017 Beta

How University of Bristol Accelerated Rational Drug Design

Task-based parallel programming is the future. The University of Bristol Advanced Computing Research Centre wants to be part of that future. It provides advanced computing support to researchers, with a team of research software engineers who work with academics across a range of disciplines to help optimize research software that can be applied in industry.

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  • Celebrating 10 Years of Intel® Threading Building Blocks

     Intel TBBWhat a Journey It's Been.

    Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) has come a long way from where it started in 2006 to its10-year anniversary in 2016. But on this long and winding journey, we've never lost sight of our core values of innovation and customer satisfaction.

    Intel TBB is a powerful tool that lets developers leverage multi-core performance and heterogeneous computing without having to be threading or parallel programming experts. It is:

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  • Intel System Studio 2017 released

    We are happy to announce that Intel® System Studio 2017 was just released with new features and capabilities that help embedded and system developers develop embedded solutions faster. Now developers can speed time to market and boost power efficiency, performance, and reliability for intelligent systems and embedded devices and applications running on Intel® platforms.

    System Studio 2017 - fedora 22 installation issue - can not get past license activation

    1.Downloaded the tar file for system studio 2017 and extracted to a dev host.

    2. Started, entered the serial number. (Intel internal development use)

    3.Getting the message "failed to establish internet connection"

    4.http and https proxy are set to correct values. Able to git clone remote repos and download files using wget from the same shell.



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