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Intel®Intel® System Studio 2016 is a comprehensive and integrated tool suite that provides developers with advanced system tools and technologies to help accelerate the delivery of the next generation power efficient, high performance, and reliable embedded and mobile devices. It allows you to build, optimize, debug, tune, and deploy 32-and 64-bit C and C++ system and application code on Windows* host platforms for running on Windows* targets.

I2C recovery Ignore

Hi all,


I am working on development of a customized android tablet based on intel Baytrail-T.


In the above project we are facing a issue due to I2C.

Here is the step by step scenario of the issue:

1-Power on the board and let it boot to the android GUI.

2-Press the power button for some time and then power off the board from the Android Gui.

3-Now power on the board without disconnecting the power supply.


Then the board gets stuck and we get the beow logs continously.


SST(System trace tool) cann't be started up!!!

After I installed the SST(System trace tool) on the PC(OS:Win7),I try to run the application,but I got the error message like "An error has occurred.See the log file c:\Users\steve\stt\workspace\.metadata\.log.".(I attached the screenshot and log.)

Anyone can kindly check and tell me how to solve this kind of problem?

 I tried on 4 PC(3 PC use Win7, 1 PC use Win8),2 PC of Win7 got error and cann't be started,2 PC of Win7/Win8 can be started successfully. 

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