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Not able to establish SSH-TCF connection to Intel Edison from ISS 2018 beta

Not able to establish SSH-TCF connection to Intel Edison from ISS 2018 beta. I am able to ping and do SSH from putty .

When i try to make a new connection from ISS 2018 beta to edison board, i am getting error message: Authentication to Target failed.

Intel edison is loaded with default Yocto Poky Image ( Does Yocto Poky supports TCF agent ?) 


Getting Started with the Intel® System Debugger 2018 - System Debug for Linux* OS Host

The System Debug feature of the Intel® System Debugger is a JTAG-based debug solution supporting in-depth debugging and tracing of Intel® Architecture-based System Software and Embedded Applications. It enables developers to debug and trace Intel® Architecture based platforms system-wide, e.g. UEFI / firmware, System-on-Chip peripheral registers, OS kernel and drivers with full OS awareness.

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