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How Can Device Software Developers Move from Prototype to Product Faster?

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Developing embedded devices is becoming more and more complex as sensing, compute, memory and communications technologies rapidly evolve. Here, I’ll highlight some of the challenges of software development for devices, as teams cope with shrinking timelines, scarce resources, and rigorous requirements for quality and performance optimization. 

Cannot Install Parallel Studio on CentOS

Dear Intel Engineers,

I am trying to install Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update 1 for linux on CentOS 7.2 which installed on OpenStack.

Unfortunately, I am now stuck on "Step 2 : License agreement". After insert "accept", the install programm told me  "Checking the prerequisites. It can take several minutes. Please wait...", I have waited couple of hours. The installation process is now in the IDLE status, with cpu percentage 0.0%.

Have you ever met this kind of problems?



Download Documentation: Intel® System Studio (Current and Previous)

This page provides downloadable documentation packages for all editions of Intel® System Studio. 

Each package includes documentation for Intel System Studio components, such as Intel C++ Compiler, libraries (e.g., Intel Math Kernel Library, Intel Integrated Performance Primitives), performance analyzers (e.g., Intel VTune Amplifier, Intel Inspector), and others. The full list of included components and respective documentation formats is available in the readme file in each package.

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  • Not able to establish SSH-TCF connection to Intel Edison from ISS 2018 beta

    Not able to establish SSH-TCF connection to Intel Edison from ISS 2018 beta. I am able to ping and do SSH from putty .

    When i try to make a new connection from ISS 2018 beta to edison board, i am getting error message: Authentication to Target failed.

    Intel edison is loaded with default Yocto Poky Image ( Does Yocto Poky supports TCF agent ?) 


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