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Which version of Intel Fortran Compiler to be used with ASPEN PLUS V10

Hello everyone,

I am a doctoral student and I am working with ASPEN PLUS V10. Now I have to use an Intel Fortran Compiler and link it with the ASPEN PLUS V10 for a custom User model operation. Can you please help me and tell which version of the Intel Fortran Compiler is compatible?

Thanks a lot

control on math lib to be used under linux

Dear Intel Experts,

I describe here an issue relative to control on math lib to be used by an application under Linux.


1. When a compiled fortran code is executed, the computation time is T

2. When this same fortran code is transformed as a dynamic lib of a C++ application, the execution is 5*T.

It was identified that cos() calls in the fortran code were responsible for that performance downgrade:

in configuration 1, it is cos() of lib ​that is called.

In configuration 2, is is cos() of lib that is called

Version 18 not finding constants defined in mkl_vsl_defines.h

I downloaded and built the latest version of the intel c/c++ compilers yesterday and have been trying to do some simple random number generation examples, but keep getting the compile error: 

icpc test.cpp -o test -lmkl_rt
>> test.cpp(40): error: identifier "VSL_METHOD_DGAUSSIAN_ICDF" is undefined
>>    errcode = vdRngGaussian( METHOD, stream, N, A, a, sigma );


My example code is given below. If I uncomment out the line redefining method to be 2, the constant from mkl_vsl_defines.h, the code compiles and runs as expected.

Problems with icc 17.0 and Visual Studio 2017

Running Windows 10, VS Community 2017 15.6.0 and Intel(R) C++ Intel(R) 64 Compiler for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20171215.

The following code does not compile:

#include <string>

int main()
	std::string s0("Initial string");
    return 0;

with the following two errors:

1>C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.13.26128\include\xutility(680): error : an explicit template argument list is not allowed on this declaration

catastrophic error: cannot open source file "stdio.h"

Dear Experts,

I have recently downloaded and installed the "Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update 1" which seems to lack "stdio.h"? 

For example, if i try to initiate the env with "psxevars.bat intel64", it shows no error:

Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update 1
Copyright (C) 2017 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Intel(R) Compiler 18.0 Update 1 (package 156)

Compiler bug in version 17 taskloop directive

I have a program that uses the following OpenMP directives together: taskloop and collapse. The program works fine when I compile with GCC 7.2, but it simply crashes when I compile with Intel compiler v 17.0.1. I investigated my code and I created a simple program that reproduces the cause of the crash. The code is below
int main ()
double * a=(double *) malloc(100*sizeof(double));
printf("1. a %x\n",a);
#pragma omp taskloop collapse(3) shared(a)
for(int i=0;i<1;i++)

How to solve the problem of "PATH environment variable size has exceeded its limit."

Dear all

When I install C++ on my computer, there are the problem of path variables"  

PATH environment variable size has exceeded its limit.
Installation cannot continue because the length of your path is too long. 
 Suggestion: Exit the installation, eliminate unnecessary items in the PATH environment variable (you need to free more than 798 symbols) using Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > Advanced > Environment Variables and launch the installation again.

Could you tell me how can i solve it?

install Intel compilers in Suse Leap 15 stumbling block

I try to test if packages will continue function with this new distro. I had installed Parallel Studio XE 2016 update 4 (even though it is unsupported OS). Found it did not cooperate with gcc 7.3, and that latest version 2018 update 1 is needed. So I attempt to install the C++ compiler.

If complains about pre-requisites:

internal error compiling python 3.6.4 with icc 2018.1 on centos 7.4

Steps to reproduce:

$ wget
$ tar -xaf Python-3.6.4.tar.xz
$ cd Python-3.6.4/
$ ./configure --with-icc
$ icc -I Include -I. -c Modules/_sha3/sha3module.c -o tmp.o
": internal error: ** The compiler has encountered an unexpected problem.
** Segmentation violation signal raised. **
Access violation or stack overflow. Please contact Intel Support for assistance.

compilation aborted for Modules/_sha3/sha3module.c (code 4)


Run program without Visual Studio and Intel compiler


I try to compile my program in windows platform installed Visual Studio and Intel C++ compiler.

But when I copy my exe. program to another computer without Intel C++ and VS. It failed. It asked several dll. files(libiomp5md.dll, libmmd.dll, msvcp120d.dll , msvcr120d.dll). We tried to have those files in the same folder, the program can run, but may have many errors sometimes.

How to solve this problem?



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