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Quantlib 1.12 with icc 18.0.1 on Ubuntu 17.04

Dear all

I tried to compile the library QuantLib-1.12 (a library for quantitative finance, see with icc 18.0.1 (and 18.0.2) on Ubuntu 17.04.
I followed the instructions
with some modifications (compiler option -xHOST instead of -xT).

Beyond Arduino Create*: Developing UP Squared* Projects in Intel® System Studio


Arduino Create* is an online integrated development environment (IDE) that simplifies the process of getting familiar with the UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit. As a cloud-based software development environment, Arduino Create is always up-to-date and provides a streamlined method to configure the UP Squared* (UP2*) board so you can quickly start experimenting with the various sensors provided in the kit.

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  • how to install ICC into contain via DockerFile


    My environment is Centos 7.

    I can to install ICC into docker container via bash manually, and then create one new image with icc support.

    When installing icc via install script, there is user interface to choose some setup options.

    Is there any method to install icc with only some bash command and without any user interface? Then, I can create new image with icc support via DockerFile.

    how to install ICC into contain via DockerFile



    /QaxAVX,CORE-AVX2 generates incorrect code for AVX2

    I'm currently fighting hard with the newest version of ICL. First the profile generated code crashes in Intel stuff ( and now this:

    - If I compile /fp:fast /OxAVX2, everything is fast, the executable is huge and I cannot make it smaller using profile based build (see the other post). And it runs only on AVX2 CPUs.

    - If I compile /fp:fast /OxSSE2 /OaxAVX, everything is fast, less but still

    Boost DLL failed to compile with Intel C++ Compiler


    I have tried to report this issue both here ( and by boost (,, but it still exists in last beta 1.67.

    It would be nice, to have that fixed in the next release.

    intel software update causing errors in visual studio

    I am using the Intel C++ compiler within Visual Studio (Community 2017).  After a recent update (Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update 2 for Windows) when I try to build my C++ code I get 100 errors.  The errors are all from xtgmath.h.

    Here is an example of a group of errors relating to a single line,

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