Intel® Media SDK

Release Announcement: Intel® Media SDK 2018 R1 and Intel® Media Server Studio 2018 R1

We thrilling announced the release of Media SDK 2018 R1 and Media Server Studio 2018 R1.

Intel® Media SDK has following new features:

  • Features that improve video and image processing and quality for AVC, HEVC, and VP9.
  • Support for 8th generation Intel® Core™, Celeron®, and Pentium® processors.

Intel® Media Server Studio Community/Essential Edition release provides:

skylake platform decode hevc - 4800x3840 picture falied

as the title described,  I tryed to decode a hevc stream(resolution 4800x3840) larger than 4k size on skylake platform , by using ffmpeg + vaapi , only the left upper corner of the picture is decoded correctly,  the other most areas of the picture is purely green, it seems that gpu hw decoder doesnt decode. My question is whether the skylake support decoding hevc pictures larger than 4k ?  and whether vaapi support decoding hevc pictures larger than 4k ? 


I am trying to use the VPP component to just do a color space conversion from UYVY to NV12, no de-interlacing or scaling, or other filters.  When I use the exact same input parameters with MFX_FOURCC_YUY2 everything works.  When I change mfxVideoParam.vpp.In.FourCC to MFX_FOURCC_UYVY, MFXVideoVPP::QueryIOSurf returns MFX_ERR_INVALID_VIDEO_PARAM.  I am using API level 1.25.

Are there any additional restrictions on converting from UYVY to NV12 that I am missing and may be causing this?

ippiResizeYUV420Super_8u_P2R crash



I am trying to use IPP functionality to resize Yuv image using ippiResizeYUV420Super_8u_P2R API.

I did use ippiResizeYUV420GetSize, allocated memory for pSpec and pBuffer as per output of this API using malloc,  called ippiResizeYUV420SuperInit followed by ippiResizeYUV420GetBufferSize.

Everything is fine so far and all of these APIs return status 0, but when I actually use ippiResizeYUV420Super_8u_P2R, my application crashes at I9_ownSS1_8u.

Problem with interlaced video

I'm trying to decode the following interlaced video using sample_decode.exe. The video looks terrible  (blocks of video missing etc), but it looks fine when using a different decoder (NVIDIA for example). If I look at the mfxFrameData information, many of the frames are marked as corrupt. Any ideas? Is this a problem with the decoder, or is the information I'm giving it formatted in such a way that is unsupported?



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