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QSV and ffmpeg C++ example

I'm trying to use qsv from ffmpeg with an example i found if ffmpeg src, but it isnt work for me, could you suggest me another one example or say what i do wrong?

When i used this example i had an output:

[AVHWFramesContext @ 048F29E0] Error synchronizing the operation: -3
Error transferring the data to system memory
[AVHWFramesContext @ 048F29E0] Error synchronizing the operation: -2
Error transferring the data to system memory

QSV on FFMPEG can not decode 1080p h264 stream?


I get FFMPEG's qsvdec.c from version ffmpeg-20180130-42323c3-win64-dev. then make and build my own solution to decode h264 stream on Win10 & VS2015 through qsv feature. however, if input 1080p h264 stream, and it meets errors after decode some frames  and output log as:

[AVHWFramesContext @ 0000026ad0cf0820] Error synchronizing the operation:-17

Error thansferring the data to system memory.

On the other side, I input a 720*576 h264 stream to qsvdec, and it works well.

It's appreciate to anyone give me some advice.

Memory leak in sample_decode of M-SDK

Hi, I encountered some memory leaking and CPU load increasing problems while use M-SDK for H264 decoding on Intel HD P530 graphics.

1. My environment is shown as follows:

(1) OS: Windows10 enterprise version 64b

(2) VS2015-14.0.25420.01 Update3

(3) CPU: Intel(R)Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 v5@3.5GHz

(4) GPU: HD P530

(5) System memory: 32GB

2. Test steps.

can i make VOIP Service using Intel media Server Studio?

Dear All

I have simple question about Intel Media Server Studio. 

My team are reviewing about VOIP service using any S/W.
one of candidate is Intel Media Server Studio. so i checked document but i could not find suitable information about VOIP.

can i make VIOP Service using Intel Media Server Studio?

Please let me know.

Best regards

Powell Chang

Intel Media SDK Intel(R)_Media_SDK_2017.0.1 Install and Run a sample codes in Windows



 I'm totally new to intel media sdk, When i looking for video conversion options, i found this sdk. So i tried to do run a sample codes for proof of concept.

 Here is my system analyze report.

Intel(R) Media Server Studio 2017 - System Analyzer (64-bit)

The following versions of Media SDK API are supported by platform/driver
[opportunistic detection of MSDK API > 1.23]:

Full range of color conversion from RGB to YUV


A customer of us  wants to use VPP for doing a color conversion from RGB to YUV. It works fine but the output is according to BT.601 where the  Y range is [16,235] and UV is [16,240] in 8bit data depth. However, the customer wants to convert with a full swing [0, 255] on both Y, and U, V. He wants to run detection algorithms and therefore does not want to loose information depth.

Can we switch to full color depth conversion ?

Product used from us is APL , SW is Gordon Peak 1.04 (TSD).  It would be good to know in the first place  if the VPP HW can support this.

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