Media SDK for Windows*

For multimedia software, developers have huge opportunities to take advantage of the new heterogeneous architecture by adopting the new, hardware-accelerated codecs. Try out FFmpeg and the Intel Media SDK API sample: sample_multi_transcode to get the most out of your media processing.
Many existing applications may be running optimally on CPUs but still not taking advantage of the full range of capabilities Intel has to offer. Today’s generation of computers have a heterogeneous architecture with a GPU having fixed-function video processing as well as general-purpose EUs for programmable media pipelines.

Кодирование 4K HEVC в реальном времени, стабильность декодирования AVC и MPEG2

Выпущена версия Intel® Media Server Studio 2016! В новой версии можно быстрее перекодировать высококачественное видео. 

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