Intel® Media SDK

Release Announcement: Intel® Media SDK 2018 R1 and Intel® Media Server Studio 2018 R1

We thrilling announced the release of Media SDK 2018 R1 and Media Server Studio 2018 R1.

Intel® Media SDK has following new features:

  • Features that improve video and image processing and quality for AVC, HEVC, and VP9.
  • Support for 8th generation Intel® Core™, Celeron®, and Pentium® processors.

Intel® Media Server Studio Community/Essential Edition release provides:

Color Conversion RGB4 to NV12

Our application does H.264 encoding of RGB4 (RGB32) frames. It does this by having a VPP stage before encoding that converts RGB4 to the NV12 that is required as the input to the encoding stage. The VPP stage also does deinterlacing if the input video is interlaced.

It has always worked fine, but now we have a report from one particular client that it fails on both of their computers which are:

1. micro PC/NUC manufactured by Intel "Intel Skull Canyon".

Screen Capture removed from Media SDK 2018 R1


I installed Media SDK 2018 R1 and noticed that screen capture plugin and its sample code has been removed from this release. It is mentioned as 'deprecated' in release note. So I want to knwo:

1. Is any alternative for screen capture feature available in this sdk?

2. As we are using screen capture and h264 decoder both in our product so I am in doubt whether I should migrate to this sdk version or not. Can you please clarify/share your future plan for screen capture feature?

Intel QSV with Multi-GPU and “headless” configuration

I want to use Intel QSV, with multi-gpu and headless configuration (where IGP not attached to monitor) 

As per Intel Media Developer's Guide (page 116), "application will have to initialize the Intel Media SDK to utilize the DirectX11 infrastructure, as well as provide its own memory allocation routines that manage DirectX 11 surfaces".

I have tested this with media sample code provided with the Intel media SDK (simple_decode_d3d11) and it works. I can do HW based decoding in a multi-GPU environment where IGP is not connected to a monitor.




I want to know conditions that can not be H.264 encoded with MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE_ANY.


I can not encode with the following specifications.


Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) (16299.rs3_release.170928-1534)
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2637M
Display Devices
           Card name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
      Driver Version:


It is stated that the processor supports QSV.

Skylake installation problem

I have big problem with installation mine cent os !

I try all version of SDK (2017R[1,2,3], 2018R1) and following versions of cent os (1511,1511,1611,1708) in every installation same result:

After reboot i have black screen and nothing 

In debug mode i see what os was freeze after trying run the updated drivers. (help only nomodeset or i915.modeset=0)

----- Last mine experience:


Problem with OpenCL SDK ReportViewer on Linux

We have installed OpenCL SDK version 1.2-    When we run ReportViewer we get this error:  

$ ./ReportViewer ~/d.html

QOpenGLWidget: Failed to create context

QOpenGLWidget: Failed to create context

QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 442, resource id: 27262984, major code: 2 (ChangeWindowAttributes), minor code: 0


The QXcbConnection error repeats many times with different major codes and fails to run.

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