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New Developer Tools from Intel® Announced at GDC 2013

Lots of great developments for game developers at the Game Developers Conference, including a wide range of brand new developer tools unveiled from Intel. This week at GDC, Intel showcased two new DirectX extensions that will give developers access to the fourth generation core code-named Haswell’s inner workings, work with HandBrake, a new version of the Perceptual Computing SDK, and a couple of new contests for developers. 

Two new extensions

Digital Meets Organic: The Promise of Perceptual Computing

Tom Cruise and “Minority Report”, or Tony Stark and “Iron Man” – that’s what most people think of when you bring up the phrase “perceptual computing”.  Imagine controlling your computer merely by using your voice or a wave of your hand, rather than a mouse, a keyboard, or even a touchscreen.

Ultimate Coder Challenge Week 2: Demos, proof of concept, and visual effects

Week 2 of the Ultimate Coder Challenge is now behind us, and quite frankly, it’s amazing that we’re only at week 2 with the amount of progress that has been made: playable demos, workable frameworks, and actual renderings of 3D/perceptual computing technology in action have all been presented this week.  Here’s what our challengers have been up to:


Ultimate Coder Week 3 - For Those About To Rock

Week 2

Well, it's week 2 now and development is carrying on apace. I've managed to get a fair bit into Huda in the first week, so the question has to be asked "Will Peter manage to maintain this awesome pace?" We all know that was the question you wanted to ask, but were far too nice to ask, so we'll take it as read, shall we?

Ultimate Coder - The first week of development

Week 1

Well, this is the first week of coding for the Perceptual Computing challenge, and I thought it might be interesting for you to know how I'm approaching developing the application, what I see the challenges as being, and any roadblocks that I hit on the way. I must say, up front, that this is going to be a long post precisely because there's so much to put in here. I'll be rambling on about decisions I make, and I'll even post some code in for you to have a look at if you're interested.

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