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C-State residencies are collected from hardware and/or the operating system (OS).

For systems that collect OS C-State residencies, CPU C-states are core power states requested by the Operating System Directed Power Management (OSPM) infrastructure that define the degree to which the processor is "idle".

For systems that collect hardware C-State residencies, CPU C-States are obtained by reading the processor’s MSRs which count the actual time spent in each C-State.

D0ix States

D0ix-states represent power states ranging from D0i0 to D0i3, where D0i0 is fully powered on and D0i3 is primarily powered off.

The SoC is organized into a north and south complex where the compute intensive components (for example, video decode, image processing, and others) are located in the north complex. The south complex contains I/O, audio, system management, and other components. SoC components should be in the D0i3 state when not in use.

Energy Analysis Help

Use energy analysis to collect metrics that can be used to identify system behaviors that waste energy. There are three main workflows to choose from for power analysis:

  • Run remote collection on a Linux* or Android* target system and visualize results using a Linux or Windows* host systems with the energy analysis Eclipse* plug-in available with Intel® System Studio.

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