Intel® Platform Analysis Library


Intel® Platform Analysis Library (Intel® PAL) is a software framework containing software modules that facilitate access to hardware features designed for software debugging and power and performance analysis. Intel® PAL enables multiple tools to access these HW features in a standardized way.

Key Objectives

Intel® PAL has the following key objectives:

  • Improving efficiency and quality of system analysis tools development by reducing redundant effort across tool development teams

Key Features

Intel® PAL has the following key features:

  • Consistent, cross-platform, regularly updated APIs structured to support a range of developers and usage models

  • Consolidated package that integrates monitoring, trace, and debug APIs

Intel® Metrics Framework

The goal of the Intel® Metrics Framework is to simplify the access to the wide variety of performance metric data that are available on Intel platforms.

It achieves this by providing a framework that allows driver developers and others who provide performance metrics to publish the metric data in a standardized way so that analysis tool developers can discover the available metrics and view their data through a common set of APIs.

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