Make your storage infrastructure smarter, faster, and more secure with Intel® processors, Intel® Solid State Drives, and Intel® software.


Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (Intel® ISA-L)

This library provides tools to maximize storage throughput, security, and resilience, as well as minimize disk space usage. Learn about the library's set of highly optimized functions for RAID, erasure code, CRC, cryptographic hash, encryption, and compression.

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Intel® ISA-L



Build Storage Applications

This webinar explores applications of Intel® ISA-L and the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK), which can be used to create deduplication engines, high-throughput compression software, and efficient storage stacks.



This algorithmic library provides better storage performance for CPUs from Intel and reduces developer investment while developing optimizations. Intel® ISA-L allows maximum utilization of multiple cores, has up to seven times the bandwidth improvement for hash functions compared to OpenSSL* algorithms, and provides up to four times the bandwidth improvement on compression compared to the zlib compression library.

Erasure Code and Data Recovery

Learn how to reduce your storage application's latency with Intel ISA-L erasure coding using Reed-Solomon error correction.


Semi-Dynamic Compression Algorithms

Download a sample application that uses semi-dynamic, compress-deflate algorithms in Intel ISA-L to improve your storage application's compression and throughput performance.


Accelerate Data Deduplication Using Chunking and Hashing Functions

The demand for storage space and data security is exploding. Data deduplication can improve storage space utilization by reducing the duplicated data for a given set of files. During the process, a hashing function can be combined to generate a fingerprint for the data chunks. Traditionally, these processes have been too CPU-intensive to put into production environments, but with Intel® processors, Intel ISA-L can provide the tools to help accelerate everything from small-office network-attached storage (NAS) appliances up to enterprise storage systems.

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