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Schematic of block device abastraction
Accessing Remote Persistent Memory with Block Semantics Using SPDK and PMDK Legacy software may need to access remote persistent memory using block semantics. Learn how to integrate SPDK with PMDK for low-latency remote access to persistent memory using NVMe-oF.
Hyper-converged distributed cache storage Architecture
HDCS: Hyper-Converged Distributed Cache Storage with Intel® 3D XPoint™ Technology Accelerates Cloud Applications Learn about a hyper-converged distributed cache storage system (HDCS) for cloud and big data environments. Using fast storage devices like NVMe SSD and persistent memory with RDMA, HDCS is highly reliable and available with extremely low tail latency. Performance testing results are included.
Announcing the 2018 Annual SPDK Summit Are you interested in learning how the Storage Performance Developer Kit (SPDK) can help accelerate your storage solutions? Join us at the 2018 Annual Storage Performance Developer Kit (SPDK) Summit May 15-16 in San Jose, CA..
Figure 9. Ceph OSD CPU profiling
Using Intel® Optane™ Technology with Ceph* to Build High-Performance Cloud Storage Solutions on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors This article describes current Ceph reference architectures and performance results with the RADOS Block Device (RBD) interface using Intel Optane technology and the Intel Xeon Scalable processors family. It includes a downloadable file containing several Ceph software tunings used for a random...
Speed System & IoT Application Development with New Intel® System Studio 2018 Update 1 Simplify System Bring-up, Boost Performance, Strengthen Reliability Just released! Get Intel® System Studio 2018 Update 1 and tap into new features that make system and IoT application development easier.
Persistent Memory Over Fabric 是什么?

了解如何使用 Persistent Memory Over Fabric(PMOF)将数据移入或移出连接多个物理系统的持久内存,以及 PMOF 为什么会成为面向云和高性能计算的关键技术。

Validation Methodology for Libraries in PMDK

This video features Intel’s approach to testing PMDK libraries. The video lists different kinds of testing PMDK validation team uses to ensure the best quality for the libraries.

Figure 1. Ceph client topology.
Using Intel® Optane™ Technology with Ceph* to Build High-Performance OLTP Solutions This white paper describes an All-Flash Array reference architecture for OLTP workloads using Intel® Optane™ technology and the new Ceph backend—BlueStore. It includes optimization recommendations, and MySQL* best-known configurations.
What is Persistent Memory Over Fabric?

Learn how to utilize persistent memory over fabric (PMOF) to move data in and out of persistent memory attached to many physical systems, and why PMOF will become a key technology for Cloud and High-Performance Computing.