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Star Trek spaceship Aegis in space
Star Trek*: Bridge Crew and VR's New Frontiers Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a successful VR game because it adheres to known best practices for a great VR experience, as captured in the Intel VR guidelines. If you are thinking about creating a new VR title, download the guidelines today to give yourself the best possible chance for success.
World Next Door game artwork
Intel® Software Innovators at GDC 2018 Manic parrot shootouts, Terminator-style storylines, and “how to be a Viking” tutorials were among demos by Intel® Software Innovator at GDC 2018 in the Intel booth – all using the new Intel® NUC for smooth VR gameplay. Shadow puppets and fantastic alien worlds were also on tap in the Intel Indie...
Use AI to Map Brain Connectivity
Follow an Intel® Student Ambassador who uses machine learning and AI to revolutionize medical diagnostics. These diagnostic techniques used classify the characteristics of epilepsy and Alzheimer's by analyzing how the brain is connected.
AI Helps with Skin Cancer Screening
Find out about the Doctor Hazel project, the real-time skin cancer diagnostic software, powered by AI, Intel® hardware, and optimized frameworks.
AI-Driven Test System Detects Bacteria in Water
See how innovator Peter Ma used machine learning to create the Clean Water AI project, which won first place at the World Virtual GovHack and SAP + Esri Spatial Hackathon.
New Case Study: GeoVision Gets a 24x Deep Learning Algorithm Performance Boost There’s never been a more urgent need for comprehensive security and surveillance solutions. GeoVision Inc. has built its business on helping meet this need, providing digital and networked video surveillance solutions to customers in 110 countries.
Lab7 Systems Helps Manage an Ocean of Information Finding efficient ways to manage the massive amounts of data generated by new technologies is a key concern for many industries. It’s especially challenging in the world of life sciences, where research breakthroughs are based on an ever-expanding ocean of information.
SoftLab-NSK Builds a Universal, Ultra HD Broadcast Solution SoftLab-NSK develops complete TV broadcast automation solutions that work with the 4K format and HEVC compression and include functionality for video encoding. When the company wanted to expand its flagship Forward T* line of playout servers, it needed the most efficient solution for video...
How F5 Networks Profiles for Success When Seattle-based F5 Networks, Inc. needed to amp up its BIG-IP DNS* solution for developers, it got help from Intel. Business users expect their applications to be fast, secure, and always available. Anything less is unacceptable. That’s why F5 gives the developers who build those applications...