The Right Version for You

There are several versions of Intel System Studio, which are tailored to meet the demands of specific embedded programming challenges. The suite is ideal for system and embedded developers who need to deliver applications on platforms based on Intel® architecture.

Intel® System Studio

Key tools include a C++ compiler, optimization libraries, power and performance analyzers, debug and trace capabilities, and more. The suite supports Linux*, Windows*, and Android* target operating systems.

Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers

This Eclipse*- based integrated development environment (IDE) is tailored for Intel® Quark™ microcontroller development. It is available for Windows* and Linux* hosts to develop for Zephyr* or Quark Microcontroller Software Interface (QMSI) targets. These host operating systems include C compilers, debuggers, and runtime libraries.

NEW - Download the Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta

Try out new features by joining the Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta—a cross-platform, comprehensive system and IoT development tool suite to help you move from prototype to product faster. Simplify Intel platform bring-up, and improve IoT device and application performance. Share your feedback, so we can make your dev tools even better.

More Options

Intel® System Studio IoT Edition

Tailored specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, this Eclipse*-based IDE features a built-in capability to integrate sensors via UPM and MRAA libraries. This edition provides support for a wide array of IoT targets, such as IoT gateways, Intel® Joule compute modules, Intel® Edison compute modules, and more.

Wind River for VxWorks*

If you are a Wind River™ customer, a version of Intel® System Studio has been integrated into the VxWorks* environment. Support and information is provided by Wind River.

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