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Boost performance, power efficiency, and reliability for system and IoT device applications with this all-in-one development tool suite.

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Intel® System Studio is a cross-platform tool suite that simplifies application development for systems and IoT devices, boosts application performance and power efficiency, and helps strengthen system reliability for smart, connected devices.

  • Speed up system and IoT application development: Ready-to-use, domain-specific routines and system-wide visual performance analysis quickly identify issues and reduce optimization time.
  • Boost performance and power efficiency: Platform-tuned libraries and compilers help optimize software on Intel® architecture. Actionable data uncovers power issues.
  • Strengthen system reliability: In-depth debugging, tracing, and analyzing capabilities identify elusive issues and deliver deep platform insights.

Who Needs This Product

Device Manufacturers

Get a shorter system bring-up and validation cycle.

System Integrators

Use faster software stack integration and optimization.

IoT Application Developers

Innovate application development with access to cloud connectors, sensors, and more.

What's New in 2020

We've updated the components within the suite. Here are a few highlights:

  • Latest processor support:
    • 10th generation Intel® Core™ processor (formerly Ice Lake, Comet Lake, Amber Lake)
    • Intel® Xeon® processor (formerly Cascade Lake)
  • Improved debug: Intel® System Debugger adds a newly designed Eclipse* integrated source-level debugger to increase developer efficiency. Intuitively identify targets and connection types with a new target indicator. This cross-platform utility indicates the status of an Intel® Direct Connect Interface debug connection to a target platform.
  • Improved remote development for the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit in Intel System Studio with a new Docker* platform: Build OpenVINO toolkit projects as a user-selectable option. Support for the latest Intel® IoT Developer Kits accelerate the path from prototype to production.
  • Rapid insights into performance:
    • An overlay tour of important Intel® VTune™ Profiler UI elements provides an improved experience for first-time users.
    • Extended coarse-grain, platform-level collection and analysis in Intel VTune Profiler
    • Intel® Processor Trace support (a preview) for very short anomaly detection such as boot time analysis, long network packet processing detection, and more
    • New workflow enhancements and simplified setup are aided with performance analysis cookbooks that provide common analysis techniques.
  • Enhanced roofline analysis and developer guidance: Intel® Advisor adds cache simulation insights for vectorization by allowing roofline analysis for L1, L2, L3, and DRAM. Use improved developer guidance for performance improvement suggestions from the roofline analysis.
  • Improved ease of use: The tool suite offers new and improved code wizards and samples to speed up IoT project development.
  • Enhanced standards support: Intel® C++ Compiler extended its coverage of C++17 and C++20.
  • Harness more performance: Use the latest updates of the performance libraries, and analysis and debugger tools with new and enhanced features to take advantage of the power of the latest Intel® platforms.

Release Notes & System Requirements

Product Brief

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Use Intel System Studio with a free license backed by community forum support. This license allows you to use the software for one year. You can refresh the license an unlimited number of times, allowing you to use the latest version.

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Purchased licenses include free updates and direct confidential access to Intel engineers for a year through our Online Service Center.


Connect to the developer community and our technical experts through our public forum for Intel System Studio or use the support forum for a specific tool within the suite.

Intel System Studio
Intel System Debugger
Intel VTune Profiler
Intel Advisor
Intel® Inspector
Intel C++ Compiler
Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
Intel® Math Kernel Library
Intel® Threading Building Blocks
Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library

Key Specifications

Host Operating Systems: Linux*, Windows*, macOS*

Host Hardware Processors: Intel Atom®, Intel® Core™, or Intel® Xeon® processors

Development Platforms: Intel IoT Developer Kits

Target Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Embedded Linux*, Wind River* Linux*, Yocto Project*, Android*

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Linux and Android: Includes the complete development environment with the Eclipse* IDE for Windows or Linux hosts to target systems based on Linux and tools that support Android targets.

Windows: Integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio* for applications designed for Windows targets

Programming Languages

  • C
  • C++
  • Java*
  • Python*

Some of the listed components may not be available for all listed target operating systems.