System Requirements


This tool suite includes multiple editions that support Intel® processor-based platforms in multiple operating systems and integrated development environments.

Supported Processors

  • Intel Atom® processors Z5xx, N4xx, N5xx, D5xx, E6xx, N2xxx, D2xxx, Z2xxx, Z3xxx, E3xxx, C2xxx, CE4xxx, CE53xx
  • Intel Atom® x7-E3950, x7-Z8700, x5-3940, x5-Z8500, x5-X8400, x3-3930 processor family
  • Intel® Pentium® processor N4200
  • Intel® Celeron® processor N3350
  • 8th generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th generations of the Intel® Core™ i processor family
  • Intel® Xeon® processors based on architecture for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generation Intel Core i processor family
  • 5th generation Intel® Core™ m processor family
  • Intel® Puma™ 6-Media Gateway (MG)

For further information about supported processors and platforms, see the release notes.

Supported Host Operating Systems

In most cases, the software will install and work on a standard Linux* distribution based on current Linux kernel versions. Intel tested the tool suite on the following systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 6, 7
  • Ubuntu* 14.04 Long-Term Support (LTS), 16.04 LTS
  • Fedora* 24, 25, 26
  • Wind River Linux* 8, 9 Native Support
  • openSUSE* 12.1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server* 12, 12 SP1
  • CentOS* 7.1
  • Windows* 7, 8.x
  • Windows® 10

You can also install the tools in this suite on other untested systems, which may support additional distributions. For more information, review the system's release notes.

Supported Target Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Embedded Linux
  • Wind River Linux
  • Yocto Project*
  • Android*
  • Wind River VxWorks*

Supported Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

  • Windows targets: Integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio* for applications designed for Windows hosts and targets.
  • Linux and Android targets: Merge into Eclipse* IDE on Windows or Linux hosts to target systems based on Linux and Yocto Project.
  • Wind River Linux targets: Insert into the Wind River Workbench* IDE to target systems based on Wind River Linux.

Sudo or Root Access Requirements

  • Integrating the Intel® C++ Compiler into a Yocto Project's Application Development Toolkit (installed to /opt/poky/) requires launching the tool suite installation script as a root or sudo user.
  • Installing hardware drivers for the Intel® In-Target Probe XDP3 (used with Intel® System Debugger) also requires launching the tool suite installation script as a root or sudo user.