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Pinpoint code-tuning opportunities with system developer tools that deliver a deep, comprehensive analysis of performance characteristics.

These tools are included with the Intel® System Studio 2019 Professional Edition and Intel® System Studio 2019 Ultimate Edition.

hotspots in the Intel V Tune Amplifier U I

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

In minutes instead of hours, find potential performance opportunities in a single user-friendly interface or by automating an analysis with the command line. The data collector aggregates cross-system profiling data using very low overhead. Boost single and multithreaded performance, memory access, energy efficiency, caching, and storage.


plotted charts showing an analysis of energy

Energy Analysis

Pick the energy analysis solution that best fits your workflow, and then import it into the Intel VTune Amplifier timeline analysis, which includes:

  • An Eclipse* plug-in for quick and easy analysis
  • Intel® SoC Watch—a lightweight command line for power-related metrics on Windows*, Linux*, or Android* systems

Intel SoC Watch Help

example of a roofline analysis

Optimize Vectorization & Prototype Threading

Vectorize and thread code for faster performance on modern processors. Provide roofline analysis for optimization, memory access, trip counts, data dependencies, and more. An optimization workflow feature offers you tips for faster code.

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example of a Flow Graph Analyzer workflow

Analyze Flow Graphs

Speed up algorithm design and express parallelism efficiently with this tool. Plan, validate, and model application design and performance before generating Intel® Threading Building Blocks code. Create parallel applications that take advantage of multicore and heterogeneous systems. Pinpoint your performance tuning efforts by using the critical path analysis to reduce the set of nodes (even large graphs) to focus on.

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example of the graphics frame analyzer U I

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Use this collection of four powerful, agile tools that enable developers to optimize graphics-intensive DirectX*, OpenGL*, and OpenGL* ES applications for retail, automotive, and more.


screenshot of located memory problems in Intel Inspector

Intel® Inspector

This tool is an easy-to-use memory and threading error debugger for C and C++ applications that run on Windows and Linux. Use the user interface as a stand-alone product or integrate it with Microsoft Visual Studio*.


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