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"I don't know art, but I know what I like"

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Announcing new Yocto Project kernel documentation

The Yocto Project is pleased to announce some new kernel documentation on the yoctoproject.org web site and a revision for the Poky Reference Manual.

Kernel Architecture and Use Manual

We have just released a new manual on the project web site which explains the major concepts and usage of the Yocto Project kernel. The kernel is based on the Linux kernel from kernel.org, and includes a mechanism for applying git branches for various architectures, platforms and devices. The document is available from

The natural evolution of building embedded Linux

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The thing I love about engineers and working with engineers is that they rarely leave well enough alone.

Particularly software engineers. They work with computers every day. Any kind of activity which is repetitive and boring is perfect to farm out to a computer.

Why embedded Linux needs a project like the Yocto Project

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Last week I was presenting as a guest at the 8th International System-on-Chip Conference, discussing "Creating Coherence in SoC Linux". It was a lot of fun talking to a very knowledgable group of embedded system designers.

Making embedded demos is not pretty

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There is an old saying that is quite reliable: "Those who love sausage and the law should see neither being made." I have a friend who once was involved in making what he called "hot pack" sausage. The description nearly turned me into a vegetarian.

But I would perhaps extend this to technology demos.

See you at the International SOC Conference

I'll be speaking this week at the 8th International System-on-Chip conference in Irvine, California.

My topic is "Creating Coherence in SoC Linux" and I'll be talking about the Yocto Project. My intent is to show how Yocto can help embedded developers produce Linux-based solutions quicker and more reliably.

I will also be on a panel discussion called "Software Strategies, Planning, and Solutions, for Embedded Multicore SoC Platform Development" with a group of embedded software experts. Hope I do OK.

Four embedded architectures, grooving together under the Yocto Project

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As an operating system, Linux really is highly portable. But for all of the places that Linux runs, embedded systems are the one place where you see a huge variety of instruction set architectures.

Wa hoo! The party comes to the realm of Very Small Things with Brains

I honestly get very excited about embedded systems. Why?

    • The realm of Very Small Things with Brains is being charged with all of the power of threading, 32 bit and 64 bit computing and the Internet. This is opening up a lot of new capabilities in simple devices.

    • Open Source has broken down many of the barriers to embedded software development. You no longer need an expensive, proprietary real time OS to deliver interesting capabilities.

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