Rethinking the Pipeline: DreamWorks Animation Advances the Art

DreamWorks Animation embarked on a radical re-engineering of their animation pipeline to better accommodate artistic aspirations and improve workflow across an increasingly complex environment. This article describes the new model being put in place.
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  • Optimizing Without Breaking a Sweat

    This article describes novel techniques developed to optimize DreamWork Animation's rendering, animation, and special effects applications without recompiling or relinking by preloading highly optimized libraries at run-time.
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  • A Performance Optimization Study for the DreamWorks Animation Fluid Solver

    While there are a variety of methods used to simulate fluid motion, most of them involve algorithms that are computationally intensive and run sequentially over a number of frames to produce an animated result. For this reason the performance of a given algorithm, in addition to its visual characteristics, is a critical factor in how useful the algorithm may be as an artistic tool.
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  • Thread Safety Analysis

    DreamWorks Animation seeks to thread complex rendering applications that were written before threading was commonplace.  This article shows a technique to find and fix thread safety issues by executing legacy code in a threaded test harness and monitoring execution with Intel developer tools.

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    The hidden performance cost of accessing thread-local variables

    Ever finished parallelizing a code and discovered that the performance was not what you were expecting? I think that has happened to everyone. One of the tricks I’ve recently learned is that it is a good idea to start the code optimization by running Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE Lightweight Hotspots analysis, which shows function hot spots of an application (shows clock ticks and instructions retired). Unlike precise call graph analysis, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE Lightweight Hotspots analysis is very fast, and does not instrument your application.

    Using Linux Top to troubleshoot multi-core scalability issues at DreamWorks Animation

    Imagine you are placed in an animated movie production environment where multiple applications run concurrently to solve a problem, and each application is using fork-join process parallelism during its run. You are asked why the overall run is not scaling well with the number of cores on the system!

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