Visual Studio 2010

PVS-Studio has learned to watch over your programming

PVS-Studio on-the-fly

PVS-Studio now has an operation mode that will help you to find errors and misprints as soon as possible. The analyzer launches right after the files have been compiled and "blushes with shame" for your code if something goes wrong. The feature is currently available only for Visual Studio 2010 users.

SP1 for Intel Parallel Studio - service pack worth installing!

Intel® Parallel Studio Service Pack 1 is now available, adding support for Windows* 7.

SP1 is well worth downloading and installing - here are some of the reasons:

    1. Parallel Inspector and Parallel Amplifier can be driven (for automating test suites) from the command line now.

    1. Bug fixes - of course - not many issues needed fixing, but you may appreciate the ones bugs that were found and fixed!

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