Parallel PHP (HipHop) using TBB, Kiwi Style

I've been chatting with a small group of dedicated fans of Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB)  in New Zealand.  They've been looking at adding parallelism, using TBB, to Wordpress, PHP, HipHop, Perl, and other open source projects.  They have published their code and some interesting results.  They have a web site explaining some of their work.

Parallelism Education and the Role of Abstraction

On September 13th I will be participating in a panel at IDF on how the shift to parallelism will, or should, affect computer science education. My opinion is that this is a huge challenge, but one that can be met. However, it will require rethinking certain aspects of the CS curriculum, from how (and what) algorithms and data structures are introduced, to what languages are used.

Ct Beta Program Announced

This post was originally published on RapidMind was acquired by Intel Corporation in August of 2009, and the RapidMind Multi-core Platform will merge with Intel Ct technology. Before joining Intel as part of the acquisition, Michael was a co-founder of RapidMind.

Ct designed to provide programmers with tools that abstract data-parallel programming away from hardware

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