Event Based Sampling - are you ready?

Event based sampling uses counters on the Intel processors to detect what your software is doing. This is helpful for tuning and improving software performance. Typical hotspot analysis shows you where your software spends most of the execution time, but event based sampling allows you to see not just what sections of your application take the most time but why and what it is doing.

Visualize this! Live from Siggraph - BOXX products and their use of Intel processors

Hello and welcome to another episode of Visualize this! where we talk about topics relating to Visual computing. I am Arti Gupta community manager for games development at Intel Software Network.

For Siggraph this year we decided on streaming live interviews with software vendors who are well known in the visual computing world and have worked with Intel products.

I spoke with John Civatte Director of Sales at BOXX technologies about the 4850 workstation, 10300 Render farm and Intel processors

Недолгая бесплатная радость

Как помнят некоторые читатели моего блога, при наличии телевизора, нескольких ноутбуков и большого мощного компьютера с 20-дюймовым экраном, я предпочитаю смотреть кино на Sony PSP. Мой контракт на PR компании Sony истек первого апреля, так что на этот раз не буду рассказывать о чудесных достоинствах этой портативной игровой консоли. Она действительно замечательная - и точка.

Quick Intel® Core™ i7 platform tuning

I hope you are all enjoying the new Intel® Core™i7 platforms.  Most people are very pleased with the performance of these new platforms.  I hope all of you software developers are regular VTune Analyzers users too (but I know not all of you are).     One of the great advantages of VTune Analyzer’s event based sampling feature is that it doesn’t just show you where your code spends the most cpu time, it helps you understand why.  When you understand why you can better make changes that will improve performance.   Dr.

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